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GTA IV Walkthrough
Dust Off

Your contact says he doesn't want you caught - and he claims he's anonymous. He doesn't want you distracted. He wants a terrorist funder tracked and then slain.

You want money or medals. He won't give you anything. Maybe later.

As you leave he calls and says your task is to follow a helicopter and then steal it. Fun! Drive to the marked locaton. Once you get there, you see the helicopter flying up and out. It goes along the river for a while. Then it heads right - but it comes back to the main highway again. Don't go down into the tunnel - stay high and around where you can see the statue of liberty ahead, it turns right and heads into the city. You can again follow it on the main street there. It is low enough that you can see what it's doing.

Around "The Meat Quarter" it starts to go lower. You'll see it land to the left side a few blocks later. Watch from a distance as it lands then drive in through pas tthe two guards. Drive right up to the copter, running over the four guys there.

Alternatively, we have sniped from far away, then run in to hop into the copter.

Roman calls while you're flying around. Fly across the city to the marked location. Land gently! A couple of guys hop in to take the copter.

$7,000 - you got paid!! :)

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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