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GTA IV Walkthrough
Ivan the Not So Terrible

Right when we began this mission we got the achievement for Bellic Cousins. It was for being able to do the taxi missions.

You go to the bar with Vlad and hear him talking to a girl. It seems really suspicious that it might be Mallory.

Vlad wants you to kill Ivan, you agree. If you walk to get there, he's running already by the time you're near and you miss him. So instead,. hop into a car and follow the red mark. About halfway there you see him driving away. The chase is a little more challenging now, have to be a better driver. Use your cornering techniques and stay on him. Learning to drive is a critical part of this game.

He gets out on foot once he gets to a construction site, so run in on foot after him. Go to the ladder under the red crane. Use Y to mount it and then L arrow to go up it. Turn right to get to the second ladder, then use A to climb more quickly. You're now on a platform. Move around to a set of stairs. Go up the stairs to the "roof"

Now Ivan goes up a tower - he moves up a little ramp to get to the tower, then up higher. He runs and jumps off of it. Climb the ladder to get where he jumped then run and use X to jump. He's still going. Do another run, jump, then X up and over a wall. Keep going over a little bridge.

Ivan starts crying. You can let him live or die now. He's hanging from the edge of the buildling. Either use LB to help him up or X to kick him. He says he'll be a ghost.

We saved him. He promises you'll never see him again.

Our cash is now at $743

Call Vlad. Nico says to him "you won't be seeing your boyfriend Ivan no more." Sort of subtle, not admitting he's still alive.

Use the stairs to walk down easily NW from where you save him, then use a ladder to the south from there.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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