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GTA IV Walkthrough
Photo Shoot

Dwane's getting on his nerves. Someone is calling him a phoney / snitch. This name-caller hangs out on Exeter between X and Y. He's brown, bandana, clean sneakers. You complain that it's hard to kill someone based on such a vague description. Your task is to take photos and send images to Playboy so he can ID the person to kill.

Luckily it's near by - hardly any driving. Use up to bring up your phone, A for menu then select the camera option. Use L to zoom it

Send him the photo - he says Marlon is in the yellow jacket. Now Marlon has an arrow on him

We went around to the back to be sneaky. Once you pull out your gun, Marlon runs for a car. We were lucky and tossed a grenade at him, it blew up the car, voila!


You get text messages from B about jobs, Brucie wants to see you, Roman misses you

Mallorie calls, she's worried about Roman. He didn't come home

Michelle calls - meet her at United Liberty Paper in Algonquin - it's very important. Now you get a ? marker on your map.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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