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GTA IV Walkthrough
The Holland Play ...

Mallorie calls - she's sorry you're involved in things.

Playboy claims he is doing things to do some good in this town. He will build parks, save lives. He claims Jesus killed John the Baptist. That in this world, you only have one chance to leave a good legacy.

Dwayne thinks it is 1992, and has to be shut down. You tell them to talk. Playboy tried to give Duane half the business, but it wasn't enough. Now Duane needs to be slain.

You tell him you don't want to kill Dwayne.

You say you have to think about it

Of course, Dwayne calls. he said hes going crazy. things in prison made sense. He says Playboy wants him dead, he might just let him do that. He wants you to kill Playboy. You tell him you'll think about it.

In a while, you get a call back from Playboy X saying "well have you decided?" and you say yes but not what your decision is. You now have a red X and a red D on your map. So it's decision time - who are you going to kill? My boyfriend starts saying "Well Playboy X has a really nice place, which I bet we get to take over if we kill him ...." Mercenary!

You go in to see Playboy X who is hanging with some friends. He teases you about being so quick with the task - but you say you didn't kill Dwayne yet. "Step to it MF" he harasses you. You say that he (Playboy X) is the one with the problem. He's really hostile. So there's no chance to talk, it goes immediately into a fight.

Use the doorway for cover and take out his pals. You go out the back and he hops over to the next building. Jump over and go down the stairs. He goes out on the street and into an alley - and you take him down.

You call Dwayne and tell him what happened. He can't give you any money - but he has the deed to the loft. You say he should take it. He says it'll make him think of Playboy X too much. You get the loft as a safehouse.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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