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Kirby 64
Aqua Star: Level 2

This is a river level, with trees. Your first room has log bridges to cross, with rocks, fire and ice lurking around.

The next room is in a cave, with candles lighting your rivery way. Head on through.

You hit a crab boss. Be sure you have fire and rock before you get in here - climb to the top first and release the shard. Then use the little crabs to kill the boss, and go get the shard when you're done.

You then hop into a box and ride the rapids. On one of the waterfalls do an extra leap, and you'll get the second shard.

Now you're in the river yourself, sliding down in the water. There's an invincibility candy to grab. The third shard is straight down one of the waterfalls, so don't do a lot of leaping on this section.

For the final area, you swim upstream, jumping over obstacles, and you're out.

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