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Kirby 64
Aqua Star: Level 3

This is a beach level, complete with sand castles. You move across a sandy area first, playing with the sand creatures.

Next you move from sand into water, with schools of fish. There are green bomb-fish here as well.

The coral area on the land has a large mountain in its middle. Jump into this mountain, and the shard is inside on the left. It's under a rock, which you need a shuriken to blow up.

The next beach region has a rock enemy. You have to eat him - you need him for one of the shards. Then you get King Dedede to shoot you out a cannon to get to the next area.

Now you've reached log jumps by the beach. Get through them and go into the hole.

You hit the green boss. Not too hard - kill him off to get a shard.

Stay alert for this next part - you fall right past the third shard when you enter this level, up on the top left. It's behind a rock wall - at the base of the wall is an entrance to the left, blocked by a rock/cutter combo. Get through, and turn into the stone hampster. This guy can climb. Kick the left wall by timing it carefully, and you should be able to climb all the way up the column to that shard. Now go out to the right, past the logs, and you are set!

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