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Kirby 64
Aqua Star: Level 4

The fourth level is down in the water, nice and blue. Think of it as scuba diving! Go past the enemies and onward.

You go right into a fish area, with falling rocks. Dodge and move on!

Next are spinning spikes - fly up through the maze. Go to the far left near the top - the stream will push you right past the shard which is in the top center area.

The next room is a water tunnel. The water pulls you along here. As you swoop around towards the bottom, grab hold of the thin rod that runs top to bottom here. Pull yourself down to the sandy bottom, and go right. There's the shard!

Now you hit the big green fish boss, spinning in a circle. Kill him and then swim out to the right.

You're now in a water stream with big rocks. There is a shard on the ground here. Thta's it!

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