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Kirby 64
Mini Games

There are three mini-games in Kirby 64, and each has 4 levels of difficulty. Try to reach the 4th level on each one!

100 Yard Hop
This one seems really simple. Just hop one or two times to get over obstacles. It begins easily - just hop over random obstacles and reach the finish line. By the time you get to level 4, it is fiendishly difficult. Sometimes there are three space gaps, with a turtle that pops up and down. You have to time your hop to get on him, and if you fail, sometimes you are sent back double distance. Practice up a lot for this one!

Bumper Crop Bump
Catching the fruit goes from summer, to fall, to pink, to rainbow clouds with gems. Soon there are exploding fruits and super-fast opponents. Can you grab the most gems to win level 4? The trick here is to switch with someone at the very last moment, so they can't switch back and get the item.

Checkerboard Chase
This is our favorite - the checkerboards simply change design each time, and your opponents get faster. This is nice and logical - zap a row of blocks to make it fall. A good trick here is to box in your opponent - zap on either side so he has nowhere to run!

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