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Kirby 64
Neo Star: Level 2

This is a mine level. You begin by dropping - the shard is over to the left. Grab it on your way down.

You go into a mine shaft with a cart on a track. Jump when the ! appears, staying on the top track. The second shard is along the top track.

Next you are in an area with water and cliffs, and water-drops with red things in them. Dodge them.

Now a cloud guy and crabs are after you. By the falls is the third shard - you need the EARTH-BOMB combination to blow that open. Be sure to be prepared for that! You can't even get it on this level - I usually go for Pop-2 to get it, then try to stay alive until this room. It's got to be one of the trickest shards in the whole game.

Now the boss - a ton of the red-drop-water-things. Just kill them all and you're set.

Finally a sliding-rock-crushing area. There's a 1-UP tucked in the rocks, but slip through and you're done.

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