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Kirby 64
Neo Star: Level 4

This is Lava Land. Begin by dodging rocks.

Next you're in a mountain with fire birds, on sliding rocks for a ride. Head on through.

King Dedede gives you a hand now, going through various rocks. You'll find a stalagmite that he can crush - there's a shard hiding within it.

Now there is a rock bridge over the lava. Cross across!

The next room has flames and a platform. The central area is open for you to do something on. Hmmmmmmmm. Annoyingly, you have to use any ICE combo here! What's up with that! There's no blue anywhere. No indicator of ice. Ah well. You get a Shard for that.

Now you're in the Wall of Lava room! Runnnnnn! It's good to have the double-flame at this point so you can fly quickly.

The final room has rising lava. Climb and fly!! On the left side is the final Shard. You get to the top, and you're done!

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