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Kirby 64
Pop Star: Level 1

Pop Star is the first planet you encounter in Kirby 64, so a lot of its purpose is simply to get the player used to playing a side-scroller that lets you absorb attacks and combine them together.

You begin in a grassy, flowery level with four leaf clovers. You find spike and fire enemies, and can amuse yourself by making flaming arrows out of the two. You run across cutter-enemies as well, bringing on more combinations. Practice making combinations and killing enemies. You're going to need these two skills.

You find one shard laying in the grass. Easy enough. You fight a grey guy in a house, but you don't get a crystal for him.

The second shard is in the river, where you bomb the black area.

The final shard is gotten when you have to fight your friend, Waddle-dee. He's been temporarily taken over by the evil guys. Not to worry, he is restored when you defeat him, and you now have all 3 shards and the first level completed.

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