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Kirby 64
Rock Star: Level 3

This is a dark cave filled with snow, with skulls and blocks lying around. You hit first a fish skeleton - there's an opening in its back that you need a ground attack to get through for the first shard. Head down into the hole.

You are now in a room with a hole to the left and right. Head right into that hole.

You hit a red skeleton fish boss, which isn't too tough to beat. Suck in the little guys and shoot them at the boss. When you're finished with him, a hole appears. Enter it.

The shard is in the next room, on the left. This is a very short room with water.

Now you're in a room with sinkholes. Jump over the various sinkholes and monsters, and head down into the water.

You come out by a waterfall. Jump over more sinkholes, and go down into the water tunnel.

You're swimming now. Go down the tunnel, avoiding the red fish. Head to the right.

Now you're swimming upwards. Dodgge the fish and the falling bones. The third shard is at the very top of this tube. Go to the right into the mouth-cave and you're out!

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