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Kirby 64
Shiver Star: Level 1

Shiver is a cold planet (jeez, really?). You begin in an area with lots of ice flowers and pine trees. Get through this.

You are now climbing a ladder by birds. Up you go!

Jump onto the toboggan. It's lots of fun. There's a shard in your path that's pretty easy to get.

Now you go into an igloo with a big snowman. There's a shard at the top of it. This boss is pretty easy - just use the FIREWORKS combo and you can't lose! It'll free the shard from the ice, too.

Now you're in an icy area, where you can swim under the ice. There are paths down below through the rocks - swim all the way over to the right for the last shard.

You hit a rolling rock area with ice Christmas trees. That's it!

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