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Kirby 64
Shiver Star: Level 4

This level goes from snow into a tunnel with spikes and machinery. You're sort of on a toy making line. Go down through the machinery, through each platform. You need the ROCK + SPIKE to blow up each crate in order. When you do, you can go up over on the right to get the first shard.

Next you go through machinery on King Dedede - with him smashing through grates on an extremely long conveyor belt.

Now you do the same on your own, in an area with lots of tubes. There's food and other items up in them, so take a look.

There is a giant bird boss - you need the CUTTER + LIGHTNING to get the shard here. That usually means coming back on a second pass and going through the entire level as Darth Maul to be prepared. This is one of the nastiest shards to get in the game. When you get to the bird room, cut the cage open, then drop the light sabre. Now try to eat one fire ball, then manage to get a double-fire-ball by careful timing. Now you should be able to take out the bird by jumping and hitting him.

Next you go into a squashing maze with crunching machines.

In the final room, evade the lightning walls for the final shard. Jump on the block in the middle and wait for the machines to back up to get it.

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