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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
Getting Started

First, some general notes. The green light in the middle of your status area means you're 'sneaking'. Red means enemies see you, yellow means danger. You start out witih Frodo, who has a purity meter, corruption shown in black and white. Frodo can sneak and hang from edges. Be sure not to hurt things in peoples' houses or steal, unless you want to be corrupted.

A - attack
Y - jump
X - use
direction pad - choose, then black to use

Go into your bedroom. Use the chest to get a lockpick. Open the door and head out. You get a video. It's Sept 22, your birthday. Time for one final stroll.

You find Minto on road unhappy. There are three homes with nobody home. Hmmmmm. You find Sancho, a kid, who took stick from mill. He says he threw it at the weathervane. You find Sam's house, #3 - you can go in but nobody is home. Leave his things be.

Hal by the river is having weathervane troubles. Hmmmmm. It seems to be stuck. Climb up the ladder nearby. Get the cram there. Use the left trigger to aim a rock and the R thumbstick for aiming mode. Throw a rock at the vane, go down and get eggs from Hal. Inside the grainery is a bag of grain. Throw rocks at all hives you see three times for some honeycombs.

In the treehouse are fireworks - throw one at the Gandalf set to set them off. On to the mill.

Pull the crate in the mill to find some cram. There isn't anything on the second floor. Ted is in the back and wants his metal pin. Set off those fireworks as well. You'll find the pin back by Hal (right by the 'free grain' sign), plus kick any leaf piles for mushrooms. Choose the pin, go to the mill back to the gears and use the pin. Now go to the lever and press X. The mill will start working.

Milo is by the treehouse, by his pig pen. The pigs are loose. Put grain in the trough first. Then grab the pgis. One right by the tree, one left by the tree. One in front right, one in front left. One by the treehouse. Now he says thanks, he can go fishing.

Head back to your house and meet Sam. He says Pippin and Merry want to meet you at the Green Dragon Inn. Head down the end of the road through the big gate to Bywater.

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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