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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
Notes for PS2 Players

I do have a PS2 and XBox, but I only felt like buying the game for one of them :) So I bought the XBox version. I've been told there are key differences between the PS2 and XBox versions. For one, the PS2 version doesn't have a lockpick set. So Frodo doesn't even have that skill, he just opens things up. Strange, that was one of the only things Frodo really "did".

John Rea sent along this list of differences he found:

No Fatty Bolger etc., but need to fetch 4 athelas from Green Country and Maggot's Farm before getting the ring.

No power rings or whatever.

Don't think Frodo can go down the well in Shire.

No ghost, no Ted in old forest. No stealing stuff in Rivendell or Lorien.

Old Man Willow (tough) and Barrow Wright seem different than you describe.

Moria plays differently

Havn't found secret doors or boxes or tree stumps with treasure.

Gandalf doesn't have a laser, but does have lightning - blast the Balrog to stun him, run in and hit him twice, then run away to avoid sword, blast again, etc., keep repeating sequence.

The post-Lorien phase has different scenarios. The fellowship clears the riverbank of orcs. Sam is kidnapped.

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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