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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
The Woods: Following Tom

Now you cook supper, and you're close to teh Withywindle valley. A bird watches you. Head off to fight a bit and then find your friends very sleepy. Hit the limbs, not the trunk. Soon Tom shows up and helps.

Now you have to follow him and gather 12 lillies. When he reaches the 'end' of this path, he just stands there until you bring him the 12 lillies, so don't worry necessarily about following him exactly.

It's sort of hard to describe where they are, and if you follow him at least the first time through, you run across most of them on the regular walk. They are:

1: Right on the first bridge
2: In a circle of weeds to the right, jump into them
3: Jump a bit along the path
4: Foot of the 2nd bridge
5: Up rock stairs to the right just before the tree falls over
6: Left of his final stopping spot
7: Top of ramp along the wall by fallen over thin tree, lots of spiders
8: Up giant rock by giant tree before the first bridge
9: Near the very short bridge
10: Between two young sapling trees
11: Side of a rock
12: In with spiders

Now you have dinner in the house with him and Goldberry and sing songs all night.

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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