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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
The Woods: The Barrows

There are random wolves along the road. You hit a pressure-point puzzle below a tomb. There are 3 spots to push in, and you find a wood stump and a rock. Put the rock on the spot nearest to the tomb. Now standing with your back to the wall and facing the rock, put the stump in the further left spot. You can now leap up to the first and then from there to the third pillar and across. You get lots of stuff and a Westernese Daggar.

There's a mushroom cache up the hill to the left and more goodies up the hill. Now you have a campfire. Down the road, you've lost the other 3 somehow. Rock the hands for easy kills - they can't move :). Now up to the barrow, attack the door. Use the white paper inside to call for help, and Tom comes. He'll auto-zap you out of the room and gives you all daggers. Now you're on to Bree!

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings Review

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