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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
Bree: Getting the Decoys

Now Aragorn has to make doll-halflings. You wouldn't think these dark riders could see well anyway. But he wants them to look good. So he needs clothes, small logs, melons, and hay bolsters.

First the clothes. Well, you just got rags from the woman when you found Merry. So those will do nicely.

Next, head right to a little farm stand. It's right nearby. There are melons behind one of the stands. Two done! Note there is a beryl stone in a crate at the end. It super-charges your sword for a short while.

OK, third. Go back to the center of town (the big square with the stone in it) and right there next to the inn is a stables. Nob is in there being harassed. Save him and then go to the back for the hay.

The fourth, the logs, are the hardest. Not that any of this is really hard. Head around to the left (when facing the Prancing Pony) through the back alleys. You'll find a room with a fireplace quite visible from the street (the door is wide open - you can't really open doors in this town). Just kill the owner and take the logs. You're all set!

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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