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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
Mines of Moria: The Rotating Bridges

After the Uruk-hai you hit 3 lever doors. The left and right each lead to a set of 3 rooms: 2 dead ends (one with monsters, one with boxes) and one with a bridge that you can't cross. The center door leads to an observation room where you get a better look at both bridges.

Go to the right bridge. Use a fireball or something to aim at the shiny spot on the bridge part right opposite you - it's a switch right at the end of that bridge end. The middle bridge spot will rotate briefly and you have to cross quickly. Make sure you have enough mana for the bridge crossings you will be doing. There are two rooms on this side similar to the monster/boxes rooms on the side you just came from. The third path leads to a dwarf - Ori - under guard. Kill the guards to hear a sad tale and to get a switch lever.

Now head back across the bridge you came from. You can reach the lever from this side so no magic is necessary. Go around to the other bridge (to the left). Again, use a fireball to hit the switch on the other side, and cross. At the other end you'll find a switch lever box. "Use" the lever with the black button, then press X to pull it. The door will open.

You go through stone passageways. Just ignore the unlit torches - you can't light them. You go through a pressure-plate door that you just step on to open and can walk through. Rest by the well.

Now you hti 3 passages. You would think it'd be something cool about the way the light moves or the air moves. But no. The center looks lighter - it's just because lava is a short way away. You get a dwarf torn page. To the right is a dead end with a broken switch. Now go left and use the switch in the lever spot. You take a short path to a switch door, and to the most insane puzzle in the game.

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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