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Lord of the Rings Walkthrough:
River Anduin: Aragorn and the Finale

Now the final battle. You're Aragorn. The Nazgul is nasty with both fire and attacks. Grab the lembas by the gate and the cram. The Nazgul really doesn't like elven arrows so blast him with all of them that youhave. Then hit him a few more times. Soon the ringwraith will leap off (even though he's still green) and you face him on foot.

He has a circle-blue breath weapon, so go in close and whack him again. When you're done, Legolas shoots down the flying beast with his bow, and the game is over. You watch a pool scene with Galadriel, and it's game over! Lots of credits, a preview for another game, and you get the bonus keys.

There are lots of loose ends. How about the dwarven paper? The Mirror? Gimli's axe? The bow Gandalf found? Did they matter at all?

Note that I've gotten comments that say you can see the axe on gimli, the bow on legolas, and the extra sword on Boromir if you look in the 'fellowship' area of your menu. Well yeeeees, that's awfully nice. But you got through work to find these things and they just get attached to paper dolls?

The end says:

congratulations. your great valour and great deeds were not wholly in vain.

infinite ammo: xbyaxb
infinite health: yaxbay

The Playstation 2 Ending
John Rea sent me the alternate ending that the PS2 has:

Nazgul's winged beast is hopping around on the hilltop belching blue fireballs. Best tactic for Aragorn is to weave his way past the fireballs to close in on the enemy, then to start hacking away on the rider who is defenseless against the attack. Eventually, Nazgul takes off. But wait, he's back. The Nazgul does not jump off of the steed: instead the Nazgul and steed fly in circles around and below the hilltop breathing fire again and unexpectedly changing directions. Tough to spot them in the dark, and to hit them with arrows. Best tactic is for Aragorn to run around, staying in motion and choosing his moments to fire arrows. Try climbing the seat of Amon Hen: certainly gives a good shot at the Nazgul, but that works both ways. Eventually you get lucky and game is over.

Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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