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Zelda Majora's Mask
Town: East Clock Tower

The east side of town is the busiest. There is the Mayor's Office to the far north - this is where you meet the Mayor, who needs the Couple's Mask to solve his fighting. The wife wants you to find Kafei, and gives you Kafei's Mask. If you're there on the first day, you'll see the wife tell the band leader that he is no longer needed. He's not too happy about this.

The back room of the Major's house is Kafei's room, you might want to read his diary to learn some more about him.

There are three games in this area - a treasure chest game, a shooting game and the lovers' game. They're all just money or piece-of-heart games, but they're good for honing your skills that you'll need later on.

If you hop around the outer wall of the map, across the top of the eastern gate, you'll get to a chest that has 50 rupees.

The Inn gets a whole Walkthrough of its own because of everything that goes on there!

The Milk Bar has to wait until you get the Romani mask from the ranch. Once you have it, go down into the bar on the evening of the first or second day - the band leader is there, upset. Do sound checks with Toto as the four different instruments - guitar, drum, pipes, and flute. Both Toto and the band leader will be happy about this, and you'll get a piece of heart as well as the band leader's mask.

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