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Zelda Majora's Mask
Zora Ocean

The first entry into the ocean area gets you a glimpse of a Zora in the water. Swim out to it and grab and drag it in. This is Michu, the wounded guitarist. He'll last long enough to give you his guitar. He was the main guitarist for the band, and as you learn, pirates have stolen the singer Zulu's eggs. You have to get all 7 back to the aquarium in order for them to survive.

The Spider house has its own walkthrough. The fisherman wants a picture of a pirate in order to give you the gold fish. Swim over to the right side of the map and bash fast into the third underwater door from the right. That lets you into the pirate area. With the stone mask it's easy to get up against a pirate, but you can do it without the mask if you're sneaky. There are 4 eggs here.

The gold fish lets you get the last 3 eggs from the sea serpent area - you have to take the gold fish through the 2 pillars and let it loose. Then you WALK and follow it along to the serpent hideout. Use the shield function to zap each serpent - there is magic down here to renew yourself with, in pots. When you're done you should have the final 3 eggs and reunite the two love goldfishes.

The 7 eggs turn into tadpoles that give you a bossa nova song. This is what opens the way to the Zora temple area, when you go play it by Zulu.

Also note that once you get the hookshot from the pirates, you can go up the trees by the waterfall and get to the beaver's home - you can run a race there to win bottles. At the bottom of the waterfall is an evil tube beast - kill it for a piece of heart. Majora's Mask Walkthrough Page

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