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Myst IV Revelation Walkthrough
Radio Signals

You start out with one of the most fun sequences from the previous games - i.e. a long, twisty ride on a roller coaster. You've gotten a message from Atreus. He needs you to come help out with his two sons, who he imprisoned 20 years ago. He wants you to try to determine for him if the boys are rehabilitated and ready to be released from their prison worlds.

Atreus' young daughter, Yeesha, is driving you to their home in a fun roller coaster vehicle. She talks about her dad and mom as you ride. "You always liked stopping here," she says at one point. She stops so you can take a picture, but you don't have to. Eventually she'll start up again.

When she leaves, look to your right for the lever. Point to it with your hand and press and hold and drag to pull it. The door will open, and you can head in.

To the right is an office area. You can't take anything right now so this is more a practice in how to investigate an area. The top right drawer opens. You can spin the planets. To the left nook on the desk are bottles. The center drawer has papers and pens. Head onward.

Atreus appears when you go past this point. He tells you that Sirrus and Achenar are trapped in their prison worlds, and that his wife, Catherine, wants to release them. He wants you to help him figure out if they're ready. He's built a crystal viewer.

This is a REALLY ANNOYING PUZZLE to have as the starter puzzle. In essence you have two wavelengths on the left. These are red and green. On the right is the "sum" of those wavelengths. Remember those physics classes? Two high waves multiply. A high and low wave cancel each other out. A high and low wave equalize to a medium wave. These 'merges' happen at each point along your line.

Play with the radio for a while before you seek -
More Help with the Radio Puzzle

Of course when you ARE done, POOF there's an explosion and the system short circuits. You need to get the power supply going. Note that the three 'window' things behind him are dead, no power. When they do get power they're merely cameras to view other areas with.

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