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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
The Path of the Hobbits - Escape from Osgiliath

You are Sam - faithful, reliable, honorable Sam. Note that if you press L and R together Sam can turn invisible but he walks VERY slowly. So don't use this except in special occasions.

You are starting from the point where Frodo sat beneath the hovering Nazgul. In essence your primary missing in here is to RUN RUN RUN and not fight at all if you can help it. The path is pretty straightforward and gollum will lead the way occasionally.

Run left, forward up the stairs, then right through the blown open hole. Go up the ramp. You'll get a "Nazgul Icon" counter in the top left - you have to run out of this area before it fills up solidly with red. Go up the stairs, forward, left, forward to end of area. On the right is a ladder down. Once you hit the ladder you're safe. Kill the 2 guys on the ledge and take the ladder down on the left side. Go through opening on left then into open area - up stairs on right. Up ramp ahead up onto ledge. Checkpoint.

Go up the ladder on the right. There's another nazgul alert so run forward up the wooden bridge, forward straight and down the long long ladder by the bells. Go up the stone stairs which look suspiciously like the ones from the tower in Highlander. Hit action behind the bell to send it down on their heads. It smashes through the door. Go to the right up here to get a health. Then follow the bell path down to go out the door.

"We did it!"

Up the stairs to the right. Third nazgul alert This is a three part area. Go across the center area and up a little ramp to the left. across the next holey area again and up the gravel ramp. A third holey area and then down a long ladder. "Not far now ..." At least they don't have a health bar on Frodo as you drag him through this!!

Take the other ladder down into the green walls. You're in a flooded tunnel.

Run down the green slime tunnel, killing a few bad guys. Ranged weapons work VERY well here because you have time to shoot them while they approach. You should be level 3 by now and pretty healthy still. You'll reach a boss man. Shoot AROUND him to kill the guys there until only he is left. Note that there are healths here to help you out - he's nasty.

You can try to take him on but I've found what works best is to run right up to him and then hit LR to go invisible. Go to the gate door and turn it 3 times to open it before you are slain by him, then run out. Once you're out, you're all set.

Return of the King Walkthrough

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