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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
Basic Key Combinations

As you learn better and better abilities, you begin to get into the realm of complex keystrokes to do certain actions. But for 99% of the game, the basic keys will let you do everything you need to do.

These are for the XBox - your manual should give you the matching keys in your own system.

A - quick attack
X - parry / block
Y - strong / fierce attack, can break shields
Left trigger & A - range attacks
Right trigger - killing move (use on a downed opponent)
Black button - action (climb down ladder, fire catapult, etc.)

Basic Level 1 combos:
speed combo aaa fierce combo yy

The BEST combo that I love is the simple Orc Hewer that you get pretty much right away. It's just AAY. It's very easy to do and works on just about any enemy. I use that far more than any other more complex combo you get later on.

Return of the King Walkthrough

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