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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
The Path of the Hobbits - Shelob's Lair

This is a maze with lots of spiders. The trick with the spiders is to hard-hit them to flip them upside down, then do the finishing move on them. When you have a bunch of spiders around you, flip them all first so you're not being attacked. Then re-flip the first one (who probably has righted himself by now) and finish him, reflip the second, finish him, etc. Otherwise you will be attacked while you try to finish the upside down ones off.

The easiest way to go through a maze is to always turn the same direction. So start off going left. You'll hit a dead end with 4 spiders. Kill them off for practice. Now leave this room and keep following the left wall. You'll reach a power-up dead end. Again, leave and go left. You'll reach 2 torches and spider babies. Use the torch to cause them to part.

There's more spiders and then a solid web, use the torches to burn through it. Now you'll see orcs in a circle around a campfire. You're up above them. This has a lot of enemies so go slow here. Note the camera angles are REALLY annoying for this part.

In essence, go in a bit to the right until the angle changes, then turn around and get the spiders who have come in behind you. The orcs should still be pretty clueless. Now go around the edge and use the torches and then the fire pots to set people on fire. Be sure to use fierce attacks on anyone with shields.

When you're done, leave by the path by the big fire pot. Use the torches on the first 2 guys and move on. Stay by the next torch and fling it ahead until everyone ahead is dead. Go around to the left. There's an overlook with nasty archers. Do NOT go to the very edge - go to the torch before that. Throw the torches from there even though you can't see what you're doing - eventually you will get all of them.

Now go around the other side. They'll say "you can't sneak by that" so run up the ramp to the right. Knock down the rocks to kill EVERYONE very easily. Go back to the door and open it. Three spiders are there, lure them back to the fire pot and toast them. Go out to the bridge - checkpoint.

You'll see a giant spider below. That's Shelob. Kill a bunch of guys and go forward. There's a double torch area, throw both to get through the spiders. In the next area, use the first torch to get to the second torch. Use that to burn the web. Now go around the pillar to the left to get through the door. There are 3 spiders there to kill.

Go up around to the right, through the baby spiders. Kill 3 big ones then throw the torch down to the web door. Return back to the lower area, being sure to scatter the babies again. Now use the torches to get through the various spider spots and shoot the archers with your ranged weapons. There'll be four spiders to take out. Then you see Shelob wrapping up Frodo and there's another checkpoint.

Turn off the sound here!! The music gets REALLY annoying. This is a boss battle between you and Shelob and her babies. Be patient, it might take a few tries to get through this. In essence you bash her a bunch then she runs up the wall and sends down some minions. You can parry her legs 2 or 3 times then do fierce attacks in her face until she decides to run. Do NOT attack her on the wall, or she'll come down early while you're trying to take care of her minions. When she goes for the wall, I run for the top left corner (to the left of Frodo), this lets me take on her minions one at a time and then usually Shelob can't land on me when she comes back out to play again.

The sequence goes:
You stab her eye, she sends minions
You bash her, she sends minions
You cut off her leg, she sends minions
You bash her, she sends minions
You kill her

I found heavy bashing and the XXY orc hewer worked really well for the bashing part. At the end you think Frodo is dead and hide, and orcs carry him away. End of level! You should be around level 5 by now.

Return of the King Walkthrough

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