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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
The Path of the Hobbits - Cirith Ungol

This is a LONG mission involving poor little Sam killing 80 bosses. In many scenes there are HORDES of orcs attacking each other and the trick is to "whittle away from the outside" and get the ones that aren't paying attention to you and who only have 1 other orc nearby. Also make use of invisibility when big bosses are around. You don't have to kill EVERYONE. You only have to kill 80 total.

OK, in the first room, lure the 4 regular guys over to the fire pot and then spill it. Then get near the ramp wheel and go invisible to avoid the boss, and lower it. If you get into perfect mode with the others you CAN kill the boss but don't count on it. Go up the ramp, killing the 2 guys that come down either as you pass them or with ranged weapons when you get to the top of the ramp. Stay out of the reach of the boss. As you go across the hall kill the next 2 guys which should make 8. There are 2 more normal guys in the upper hall to reach 10, sneak past this boss too.

Next room - spear the 2 guys below you and kill the other guy on the shelf. Go down the stairs and use the pot of fire here, then the next pot of fire further on. Go across to the right and use yet another pot of fire. So far so good. There are some AWFUL camera angles in here so just be patient.

Now just go to work 'killing off the edges'. Don't wade into combat. Just take on people on the edge who are distracted. I use the Orc Hewer a TON in here and it works well. If you build your rating up and then work around to the right, there's a wheel to drop a ramp on a TON of guys and you can get perfect on all of them. In any case you should be up to around 69 dead by the time this room is clear. Don't go into the other big room full of orcs, there's no need to. Just clear out the main room.

Go up the ramp and then up the ladder. Drop the barrels down to get your full 80. When you do and cross the bridge everyone else will flee. Go across that bridge, then the drawbridge and you'll see a mass of guys. Go up the stairs to the right to "distract them" - and go invisibly past the boss guy to do the catapult.

You run up the falling apart bridge into the upper area. You have a final battle with the orc guarding Frodo which is really pretty easy after everything you've been through. You bash his shield and then just keep hammering him with spear after spear. He staggers after each spear and then just as he is gaining his feet you hit him with another one so it's pretty easy.

You see an orc run off with Frodo's mitril shirt (important for the ending scene of the story) and then this level is done.

Return of the King Walkthrough

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