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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
The Path of the King - Paths of the Dead

Aragorn! Aragorn! I love Aragorn :) You get a video that explains that the purpose of the "non-hobbits" is to distract Sauron and make him think Aragorn has the ring. Use Aragorn's L-R combo to power up more quickly.

"The way is shut" says Legolas. Aragorn walks in anyway. You are walking down a misty path, and you see ghosts. Note that mist makes you walk SLOWLY. Keep going. The ghosts then make skeletons. Kill the skeletons and keep going.

"More spectres". Now a door shuts and more skeletons appear. Kill them, and the door explodes open. Go on through the mist. "I have a very bad feeling about this place" says Gimli, who apparently is auditioning to be the next Luke Skywalkder. A few more critters attack you.

Now you reach some enemies up on ledges. Use your ranged attack to arrow them to death. Attack more enemies around to the left. There's a special healing item up on the ledge forward. Keep going forward through a 'smoke waterfall' There's a power-up item on the peninsula to the left. Fight more guys, and go to the end of the path. Use action (black button on XBox) to push a rock on their heads.

Now run all the way back around to the lower area. If you can't find the way out, have your CHARACTER turn around and keep turning to his right along the path. Down that lower right path is a health. Go back up to the door. Kill more guys along the way. Move forward into the skull room. Note that the game gives you some nasty camera angles in here. The music changes when you kill them critters.

Head over to the next area and use action on the indicated spot to pull the bridge down. Be sure you have shot all of the guys first. Get the ammo on the left of the bridge and health on the right. Cross - checkpoint - and the bridge goes up so you can't return.

Now there's lots of mist and tombstones pop up, time to kill more guys. Go up the ramp to the right (the one the archers were on) for health. Go forward and pillars are flung down at you. You get into a rock maze like area and work through. "The mists swirl here as well" says Legolas. Geez, thanks :)

Soon you're at a bone ladder, and have to kill more bad guys. Another door closes before you and there are yet more guys to kill. Your first boss appears; he's worth 600xp when he dies.

Head around to a big statue. Kill more guys then action at the statue. It falls down - cross it to the lower level. Go left and then under the statue to the right side. Kill the guys there and then action to turn the door lever. You have to press it 3 times to open.

Go back around to the door. There's a health on the left. Forward to 'this is where the dead gather. It is a place of great evil'. A big rock appears - and a counter appears saying 0/35. Start slaughtering guys. You're blocked in on both sides. "There is an endless tide" says Legolas obviously not seeing the counter incrementing. Get to 35 and then a boss appears - at 35 the rocks vanish. You can finally move on.

"We must move on!" says Aragorn. Helpful, he is.

It now switches into the movie, and you're done!

You've unlocked the game concept art

Return of the King Walkthrough

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