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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
The Path of the King - The King of the Dead

This is a nasty level which is why they made it its own standalone area. "Who enters my domain" asks the dead king. Apparently it is you, the Live King, who does. And yes, it's a big boss battle.

The dead king swirls into the ground, comes up and makes little minions to attack you. Then he swirls back into the ground again. You have to try to time your attacks on the King to get him while he is up, and then take out the minions while he is gone. First there are normal minions, then archer minions. After that his next attack will be wind attacks so hide behind rocks to avoid the blasts.

This is a level of patience and actually it might be best to go on one of the other paths, build up "all characters" strength and power with Gandalf, and then come back to attempt this with a more powerful Aragorn.

Anyway, your full set list is:
set 1 - minions
set 2 - archers. shoot - run to kill them without being hurt.
set 3 - wind of the mountain - parry when he's attacking you. Hopefully you have powered up arrows for this, note there is no health anywhere. Arrows exist behind the rock and regenerate so you have an ample supply.
set 4 - more minions
set 5 - minions and archers together. health is dropped for you finally!! he should be in the red now.
set 6 - he blasts the rocks - arrow him 4 times in between blasts.
set 7 - boss - fighter - archers. Get health from boss!!!

FINALLY he dies.

Thought you were done?? Not quite. Now it's a run-run-run run straight through to the beginning again. You get to a blocked door - kill everyone and it opens. Keep running, it's all pretty straight. Another door closes - bash everybody. Boss there, then another boss. I hate when it runs towards the screen so you can't see where you are going. Now in mist.

Get back to the health area - now you're with Legolas and Gimli again. There are lots of enemies and one boss, then another boss. Kill lots and then 3 bosses come out all at once.

"The dead shall fight". Thank goodness! Aragorn should now be level 5.

Return of the King Walkthrough

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