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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
The Path of the King - Southern Gate

It looks quiet. TOOOOOO quiet. Head onto the gate - this instigates an ambush attack. Use the catapults to take out the cave troll and 2 hits on the right side to make a ramp into the system. Then fight and attack as much as you want to build up your level. Be cautious - there is no health anywhere.

Go across the rubble and climb the ladder into the top area. There are spears in top area to kill the troll with. An elephant comes. "Foul creature of the south". Arrow it repeatedly to knock it over!! Or you can use spears on it which seems to work more quickly. Now you can finally winch the gate open over on the far right.

Note that a gate troll resists your efforts. Drop oil on his head many times - 8 or 10 - to kill him. Finally turn the crank 5 times to open it. "The Tower is Ours" says the ever-helpful Legolas. "Someone comes" says the equally helpful Gimli.

Still no checkpoint. Now head back down the ladder. Note that unlike the other slow hobbits, Aragorn slides down the ladder. Kill the enemies there. Run through the gates - "The Horns of Rohan". End of level - and you're almost level 7.

From Erik -
On path of the king: southern gate, you can run around killing as much as you want, if you don't touch the catapults or kill the troll... and when you get low on health, some of the uruks drop healing potions.. so, i got legolas gimli and aragorn to lvl 8 before we left that stage =) Woo (reword how you want if you add that haha)

Return of the King Walkthrough

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