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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
The Path of the King - The Black Gate

You go into a single combat IMMEDIATELY after the mithril shirt is flung on the ground. Fight him "I guess that concludes negotiations" says Gimli. The gates open. "This is our final act to give Frodo time" says Gandalf. Checkpoint.

This scene is VERY IMPRESSIVE with tons of enemies coming at you, all active AI characters.

There are health bars for Gandalf and Gimli. This is not good. It ends the level if one dies so help them out.

You have to kill 6 bosses to end this level. You have to multi-Y knock him off balance before you hurt him at all.

At 3 - "take defensive positions" - you're completely surrounded now and Legolas joins you. You have to defend all 3 people . Note there are "secondary bosses" that don't count. Now 4/6 done. Keep defending everybody luckily your friends heal when they get free of battle.

6/6 checkpoint!!!

Use the flaming pots (kick over), flaming spears and flaming arrows (hoepfully you've upgraded to them!!) to take out the 3 witch kings. The spears stick out of them! Very cool. Finally they are all slain.

"This is our final act" says Gandalf again.

Return of the King Walkthrough

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