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Lord of the Rings Return of the King Walkthrough
The Path of the Wizard - Minas Tirith - Courtyard

You have to save 200 people. Stay in the center and watch as enemies come from "straight forward" or from "right". You plow through lots of enemies in this level.

Don't hit the women! Aim to hit the monsters. Just do fast attack except when they have shields, then do a hard attack first to take out shield.

If you have time, press-hold triangle for an area blast but it's hard to do without someone interfering.

When you reach 60 - you start getting bombarded from above.

Note that barrels have healing, there's one to the left, one to the right and one far ahead. Save those for when you REALLY need them.

100 - first boss character comes from straight ahead. Have to use strong hits on him to hurt him.

120 - second boss character. Hit with hard attack once then tons of fierce attacks while he's off

125 - third boss. 130 - boss. 140 - boss.

150 - 3 cave trolls come into the area. They destroy the main statue!!

Use spears, and archers will help you too. Just keep fighting. Another boss guy at 170. Another at 180.

200!!! "Flee to the inner walls!!"

You have pretty much endless bosses and trolls at the end. Spear them.

Return of the King Walkthrough

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