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A Whale of a Tale by Kim Rumford

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Why I Write / Francine L. Baldwin-Billingslea - Wow!! Everything I've read of yours to me has been a masterpiece. As always, I am one of your biggest fans. What a great interview. Now I truly understand where all the words on paper come from. Keep up the GREAT work. ~Carol

Arabesque - I enjoyed your story very much, since I danced as a child, and my daughter dances today. I wonder how many other dancers this same thing has happened to. I don't remember wanting to dance, but mother put me in it as well. Today, I would give anything to be thin and have muscles that did what my head told them to do, so that I could dance again. Your story may have inspired one of my own. Thanks, and best of luck in your writing endeavors. ~davisclc

The Interloper - Mary Anne, Quite engaging right from the start!!! Got emotionally hooked and just had to read on to see what happened. Vivid descriptions such as the white pearl buttons matching the hair color make it so real. Please use more the next time you write. Delicious descriptions make for a full bodied backdrop.... the oak table etc. Looking forward to your next work! ~Mariclare

A Table for Three - Words that should be read aloud for the pleasure of their sweet rhythms as well as the pictures. Never thought I could so enjoy a box full of linens... Thanks, ~Susie

Artichoke - Excellent, love the artichoke metaphor. The best part of the artichoke and the best part of you lies within, forged by the tears and outer leaves the center is tender and the core. Write on! ~KF

My dirty hands - Describes a gardener's dream ~sskeeters

I am rich! - Oh, Bridget, that is so beautiful. I feel I have visited your home and shared in the riches. ~Gini

Summer Sense - You have captured the summer feeling! I am feeling the summer mode. ~Rosemary

Crater Lake - My first thought was that it looks like a huge bowl of soup and, with the deep color in front, about to tip forward and spill over into the forest. Beautiful shot. My husband and I are big fans of Al Rollins' photography. ~Priscilla B.

Enslaved - Lis's image of the slave trade in the late 19th century mirrors in many ways the events which are still happening in many parts of our world to-day. We still have forms of slavery - either individual or groups, so her poem resonates with me through these reflections. Yours, ~Derek

Catch & Release - I really enjoyed this poem, great detail and imagery. The only thing I stumbled on, was how does this fisherman know, or see the fish that ignore the line's teasing? That seems to be outside the poet's eye. But a very nice poem - great last line. ~cclark

A New Life - This was a great read. Well written, Skye did a wonderful job of making you feel you are there with the little girl. Great Job! ~Angel

Leaving For Work - Potent images. Expresses the challenge of creating each day newly, as the miracle it is, of how it feels to become a blur / a role, and the strength it takes not to be tossed away by such insensitive behavior. From my guru's guru, "I do not expect anything from others, so their actions cannot be in opposition to wishes of mine." Not exactly easy to follow. ~Chuck

My Trip to Iran - How life transcends the power struggles and control in the political arena. Caring for ones parents as they age is a struggle and is fraught with much pain and sorrow. Manijeh has succinctly put into words what all caregivers feel and go through. ~Ann

I Want to See Her Eyes - very strong poem......chilling, well done. ~john.

Rainbow Grand Coulee Dam - Al Rollins, you were certainly at the dam at the **right** time! I loved all your photos and BIG congrats on the COVER photo! ~Dee

Alien Among Us - this is an amazing picture of an amazing flower ~aquarius

My Husband, His BlackBerry and .... Me - I share in your pain except she has an IPhone. Just as my wife may be some of the reason for your issues, he is for ours. We should just get imaginary friends, that will show them. ~robert

My Brain's Big Bang - The joy of learning is bold in this story, along with the struggle to overcome adversity. I truly hope that her family struggles resolved as easily and with as much reward as her academic struggles! ~parker

96 Incorrigible - What a great story. It reminds me a bit of the style of Flannery O'Connor. Keep writing. You have talent. ~cdmistler

Sheets - I lost myself in the reading of this beautiful poem. Imaginative, magical and soulful! ~Jen

Window Box - I think this writer is "determined and alive" in her writing and wonderfully rich in spirit. ~Holly

I Thought About Love - love it!!!Phibby Venable has brought to life an oyster. Isn't that great? I believe the writer is familiar with all the emotions and feelings she uses.
good work. ~Goldie

Flight of the Dragonfly - This is a beautiful picture, capturing the essence of Summer. The delicate dragonfly; as a boy, I would wonder down to my hometown pond to watch them, waterstriders, and other Summer creatures by the hour. ~ned

The Dresser - Really brought back memories, and tapped into the way it felt to watch your grandmother age. ~hhelling

American Dog - What a great Americana image! I love the way the window frames the flag and dog. ~Nan

Words of Motion - I love this making the pen so alive. It became a partner. Poignant piece. ~STX

Grounded - Beautifully written, which brought tears to my eyes. ~Ellen

Soaring Above Their Clouds - Its so beautifully written...!! very well done.. :) ~divy

Emily Wilding Davison at the Epsom Derby - I had heard of this martyr of the movement in England, but I was always sad to have never known her name, and sadder still that so few books mentioned her or her desperate sacrifice. This was a beautiful way to remember, and I'm very grateful to see it. The descriptions are also beautiful. I loved the pamphlets becoming "a hundred frightened pigeons." I can see the scene very well based on the description. ~bade

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