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A Whale of a Tale by Kim Rumford

Table of Contents


13 Ways of Looking at My Sister by Marj Laydon
A Meditation on Chemical Death by Jeni Booker Senter
American Toadlet by Lisa Shea
Autumn Rue by Sue Russell
Butterfly Tantra by Lee Evans
Gathering Light by Samantha Hunt
Haiku by D j Cawood
Identity by Beate Sigriddaughter
Labour by Samantha Hunt
Late October by D j Cawood
Lighthouse by Peter LaBerge
Linoleum and Laminate by Samantha Moore
Listen by Stacey Dye
Living Stains by Jeanne Becker
Mid-life by Sheila Hassell Hughes
Natureīs Wonder by Acquanetta M. Sproule
Niagara by Jody Zolli
Off the Spectrum by Samantha Hunt
Only the Seasons Change by Stacey Dye
Oscar by Peter LaBerge
Peaceful Passing by Marci Winters
Powers and Secrets by Cara Frame
Sayville by Tara Lynne Groth
Senryu Duet by Shannon Barber
St. Michaelīs Aspens by D j Cawood
Summer Evening Stroll by John Middlebrook
Tethered by Samantha Moore
The Guy On The Saxophone by John Grey
The Logger by Sue Russell
The Love Between Trees by John Middlebrook
The Traveler by Megan E. Coxe
The Weary Mahout by Heather Lazarus
This Is Not Who I Am by Melissa Bahle
Tsunami Soup by Rhonda Melanson
Turning Toad by Heather Lazarus
Untitled by Anita Simpson
Untitled Cinquan by David Edwards
You Win by Tara Lynne Groth
Your Wired Head by Rob Spiegel


A Musical Life by Anita Simpson
Daughter of Story by Vivian Faith Prescott
Deep Roots by Sue Babcock
Words from a Motherless Child by Francine L. Baldwin-Billingslea


Irinaīs Song by Chris Abbate
Lost and Found by Kristin Binder
Return of the Princess by Lyonn Ann Parx
Salt Air by Hall Jameson
Shekinah Glory by Colleen Card
The Dancer by Alexandra Burt
Three Wishes by Richard Anthony Petracca


Poetry and Me by Samantha Hunt
Art and Photography

A Whale of a Tale by Kim Rumford
Not a Mozzie by Mark Berkery
An Irish Shield Bug by Mark Berkery
The Last Bee in the Field by Mark Berkery
Orange Embrace by Lisa Shea
Nantucket Island by Bob See
Lady in Moonlight by Mark Berkery
Gnarled and Crooked Tree by Kim Rumford
Puffy Froggy by Maury Schulman
Circles to Everywhere by Maury Schulman
Water Falls - Olympia NP by Al Rollins
Jellyfish by Kim Kenney
Pink Petunia by Bob See
Lace by Leslie Tribolet
Great Blue Heron Feeding Chick by Al Rollins
Tree - Bryce Canyon by Al Rollins
Windup by Christine Catalano
Old Vines by Lisa Shea
Indian Blanket Flower by Jeanne Marie Egbosiuba Ukwendu
Sandstone by Jeanne Marie Egbosiuba Ukwendu
Old Fireplug by Christine Catalano
Brown-eyed Susan by Joe Liotta
Purple Haze by Mark Berkery
Pamela Rose by Andriana Pohja
Urban Squirrel by Kim Kenney
Sleep Anywhere by Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Beautiful Colors by Tina Marie
America's Pastime by Judy Moore
Spoonbill Scratching by Maury Schulman
Mountain Lion, Arizona by Kim Rumford
Northern Gannet and Chick by Andrew Sciandra
Thistle by Donna Sciandra
Tower of London Window by Lisa Shea
M C Escher Visits The Rooms by Andrew R Sciandra
Castle Fireworks by Al Rollins
Antelope Canyon by Al Rollins
Sweet Sixteen by Tina Marie
Miniature Civil War Soldiers by Kim Kenney
Waiting for Tea by Bob See
Tower of London by Lisa Shea
Coronado Bridge by Jeanne Marie Egbosiuba Ukwendu
Almost There! by Sandra Staas
Ocotillo Fantasy by Moe Schulman
Retro Party by RAEART
St. Emilion, Bordeaux by Lisa Shea
Petunia by Bob See
Lightning Tucson by Maury Schulman


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