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Lady Butterfly by Joann Vitali

Letter to Our Readers
Dianne Walker Autumn, is there a more beautiful time of year? The sizzling days of summer mellow into a cool crispness. The bright green hues slowly change into gorgeous tones of orange, goldenrod and reds. The playful sounds on the playgrounds grow quiet. The bustling beaches grow silent as beachgoers head home. Look around as the color palette changes, breathtaking in all its glory.

Poetry sings a song in our hearts. Weaving words and creating magic. Autumn is almost upon us as the summer winds down and we wait for autumn to arrive. The natural flow as summer shorts give way to sweat suits as we exercise our bodies in anticipation of the coming year. Breathe deeply then hold our breath in awe as the colors change.

In fiction, fantasy captures our imagination. Mothers and wives struggling with divorce and widowhood. Women struggle to find their way back, succeed and stand tall amidst life’s trials and tribulations. Rise up toward freedom!

Non-fiction shares the experiences of many interwoven lifetimes. The quick twists and turns of life when we are suddenly given a precious unexpected gift just as we thought we were going through the change. How do you prepare for a new life when your youngest is all grown up? The lessons we learn in life about expectations and change. We learn that life is not about changing the ones we love, but accepting and compromising.

Autumn brings forth so many stories to feed our soul. We learn the true essence of love and of self-discovery. We learn that we are stronger than we thought we were. We learn that we can fight for what we believe in. We learn to listen to that small voice inside of us until it's time to take hold of our destiny – breathing in the deep richly fragrant autumn air.

Dianne Walker
MUSED Non-Fiction Editor

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