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Lady Butterfly by Joann Vitali

Table of Contents


A Bright Blue Sky by Terry Wiemuth Michelsen
Almost Autumn by Wayne Scheer
August Sam by Christine Tsen
Autumn by Jennifer Luckenbill
Brood by Angel Zapata
Closely Listen by Bergés Alvarez
Creation by Anita McKay
Diagnosis: Asperger’s by Christine Tsen
Drought by Sue Russell
Engagement Photo Taken at Hicks Creek, 2002
by Holly Van Leuven
Falling by Alina Rios
False Positive by Wendy Russ
Five for Fall by Wayne Scheer
Fog by Brigitte Goetze
Frost Warning by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Ghosts Again by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Goblintown, Virginia by Holly Van Leuven
Green Tea Celluloid by Albert Kivak
Iced Water with a Twist of Time by Linda C. Anger
Japanese Paper Flowers by Beate Sigriddaughter
Leaves by Brigitte Goetze
Mass and Mirrors by Angel Zapata
Missed Out by Benjamin Clements
Momma by David Cooper
No Big Loss by Jody Zolli
No Tomorrow by April Salzano
Nude by Matt Esteves Hemmerich
Ode to the Barista by Alina Rios
Old Pictures by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Perseverance (an ovillejo) by Lois Elaine Heckman
Pond by Angelika Teuber
Poorly Maintained by Bill Phillips
Professional Disagreement by Pamela L. Taylor
Rainy Sunday by David Cooper
River-Mother by Alina Rios
Roach-Frienemy by Christine Youn
Rock Garden by Linda B. Gamble
See How He Waits by Joanne Cucinello
Seeker by Samantha Moore
Sunday Afternoon by CHARLIE WEBER
Sweet Chariot by Linda B. Gamble
Tattoos by JLynn Marshall
Territory by Brigitte Goetze
The Closest Thing to Sibling Affection
by Jennifer Luckenbill
The Harmony by Jessica F. Smith
The Involuntary Optimist by Beate Sigriddaughter
The Love She Has by Stacy Maddox
The Peppermint Baths by Danielle Wolffe
The Pond by Stacey Dye
To Go Into The Desert by Genevieve Fitzgerald
Villa Villanelle by Charlotte Zang
Watching Shadows by Julie L Scharf


Amanda by Leon A. Walker
Florid Feelings by Liane Kupferberg Carter
French Toast "Pour Un" by Drema Sizemore Drudge
Glork by Jody Zolli
The Bettis and Us Story by Angela Glenn
The Lake Effect by Larry Duncan


Bird Woman by Carolyn Charron
Grandma´s Redemption by R.W.W. Greene
Looking for Love by Mary J. Breen
The Alhambra by JLynn Marshall
The Butterfly Wish by Cheri Thacker
Why Not by Janet Amalia Weinberg
and Margaret Karmazin



Leon A. Walker - In His Own Words by Leon A. Walker
Bethany Hamilton by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

Lady Butterfly by Joann Vitali
Cabin in the Sky by Joann Vitali
Pretty on Pink by Joann Vitali
Orange Tail Leafcutter Bee by Mark Berkery
Orange Tail Leafcutter Bee by Mark Berkery
Bryce Bonsai by Donna Sciandra
Turkey Tail Mushroom by Bob See
Cascade Flow by Christine Catalano
Neon Cuckoo Bee by Mark Berkery
Asian House Gecko by Mark Berkery
Cactus Top by Lisa Shea
Kyoto-006 by Geoffrey Miller
Eastern Brown Snake by Mark Berkery
Tiger Fly on Misty Morning by Lisa Shea
Buttercup and Star Leaves by Lisa Shea
Twining by Christine Catalano
Autumn Garden by Patricia Maulding
Purple Flower by Bob See
Shades of Peony by Lisa Shea
Yellow Hibiscus by Maury Schulman
Back Off, Buddy! by Lori Blake
Sun Shadows by Lois Elaine Heckman
Streets of Escalante by Donna Sciandra
Following Mama by Lori Bernard
Butterfly by Andriana Pohja
White Thistle and Friends by Donna Sciandra
Regards de Femme by Karo Evans
Kiss Me and You´ll Have a Surprise
by Lois Elaine Heckman
View by Lori Blake
Your Lucky Day by Bob See
Lazy Days by Chelle
Peek-A-Boo by Chelle
Weeping Rose by Lois Elaine Heckman
Desert Sheep by Donna Sciandra
Purple Lupine by Joann Vitali
Bluets by Bob See
Portuguese Burger Joint by Ann Waller
Season´s Over by Donna Sciandra
Sweet Escape by Chelle
The Hearts of Paradise by Danay C. Downing
Cozy Provincetown MA by Lisa Shea
Blue Heron on Boathouse by Kim Kenney
Wintercress and Aphid by Bob See
Road Of Ice by Stacy Maddox
Doggy Four Eyes by Maury Schulman
Wild Lilies by Joann Vitali
Skyward Palm by Maury Schulman


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