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Lady Butterfly by Joann Vitali

Bergés Alvarez Bergés Alvarez

Bergés Alvarez contributed the poem entitled Closely Listen.

Linda C. Anger Linda C. Anger

Linda C. Anger is a freelance writer and owner of The Write Concept, Inc., a Michigan-based content development & editing service for small business and nonprofits. She also functions as a manuscript development coach. Linda is a proud member of Detroit Working Writers, a 112-year-old organization of published writers in Southeast Michigan. Visit her website at

Mark Berkery Mark Berkery

Mark was born to itinerant Irish parents which set the scene for a restless life. Like the Gypsy, he couldn´t accept the moribund values of a soulless society, what passed for important or posed as spiritual. The resulting roller-coaster of experience and inner conflict eventually gave way to a love of the simple sense of nature that he now lives - the best he can - as a form of meditation. He expresses his ongoing exploration of nature´s spiritual value through his writing and pictures at

Lori Bernard Lori Bernard

Lori began writing fictional short stories for publication in May 2009. She is a full time mom and likes to write, play the piano, and live an active, healthy lifestyle. She has been living on the Gulf Coast for eighteen years and enjoys being close to her family for those wonderful Sunday afternoon get-togethers. View her site:

Lori Blake Lori Blake

Lori Blake is a writer and hobby photographer from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Liane Kupferberg Carter Liane Kupferberg Carter

Liane Kupferberg Carter is a journalist whose articles and essays have appeared in more than 40 publications, including the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Babble, McCall’s, Parents, Skirt!, Literary Mama, and numerous newspapers and literary journals. She is a columnist for Autism After 16, and is writing a memoir about raising a child with autism. You can follow her on Facebook at

Christine Catalano Christine Catalano

An English Lit major in college, Christine managed to slip into publishing by becoming the artist that had been lurking inside all along. She worked happily in graphics for many years. Now liberated from daily deadlines, she loads more ebooks than she can possibly read into her iPad, keeps her cats contented and her muse satisfied with camera, Photoshop, and the occasional poem. Some of her artwork has been published in Fiction at Work, the San Pedro River Review, Crack the Spine, and Mused.

Carolyn Charron Carolyn Charron

Carolyn Charron has been telling stories forever, her first audience being her younger sister. She reads voraciously and writes whenever her two children allow her any quiet time. Since her life as a stay-at-home-mom is so quiet, she regularly tries to scare herself by writing supernatural or horror fiction. Bird Woman is her first piece published by Mused.

David Cooper David Cooper

David L. Cooper has taught at Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, Ky. for twenty-eight years. He teaches English and African American History. In 2011, he won the state´s highest college level teaching award, The Acorn Award. In 1995, he received a University of Kentucky Great Teacher Award and in 1996 he received a National Endowment for the Humanities grant to study the Great Black Migration at the University of Kansas. He has an a son, Sean, and a daughter, Rachel.

Joanne Cucinello Joanne Cucinello

Joanne Cucinello is a poet and writer who to date has published three books of poetry and an illustrated Children´s Fairytale. Her works include lyric essays and free form poetry, often visionary and insightful. Joanne is a member of the Academy of American Poets and the Society of Children´s Book Writers and Illustrators. She has been published in "Shadows Ink Selected Poems 2008" and “A Splash of Verse 2008" with an Award of Excellence.

Danay C. Downing Danay C. Downing

From a small town in NC, Danay joined the U.S. Army at 17 and served as a linguist and intelligence analyst for 5 yrs. A graduate of the University of NC at Charlotte, she holds a BA Degree in Biology and a BS Degree in Psychology, with special emphasis on animal behavior. She is a graduate student of Anthropology and Cognitive Science at UNCC, her research interests being comparative cognition, learning, and the evolution of language, with a particular focus on primates and marine mammals.

Drema Sizemore Drudge Drema Sizemore Drudge

Drema Drudge is an MFA student at Spalding University. She has been published in The Louisville Review, Chicken Soup for the Soul, ATG, Mother Earth News, and other publications. Her writing often centers around art, and she is currently working on a novel inspired by a recent trip to The Orsay Museum in Paris. Drema also teaches GED classes. Read more about her at her fledging website at

Stacey Dye Stacey Dye

Stacey writes to touch people. Her favorite subject is the human condition. Her love affair with words is life long and she collects them on rocks, jewelry and through music and memorable quotes. She lives in Georgia with her husband Dennis and her critters Izzy and Elly. Credits include Touch: The Journal of Healing, BluePrintReview and previous issues of Mused.

Genevieve Fitzgerald Genevieve Fitzgerald

Genevieve Fitzgerald, 2nd prize winner in the 2011 NCPS poetry competition, was born in NYC, is the mother of three children and currently lives in Raleigh, NC, where she facilitates a writers’ group and a writing workshop for children. Her writing appears in several journals including Carolina Woman, Haiku Journal, The Prose-Poem Project, Fried Fiction, Main Street Rag’s Raleigh Reading Series, Miriam’s Well, Poets for Living Waters, Rivets, Third Wednesday and Western North Carolina Woman.

Angela Glenn Angela Glenn

Angela Glenn has loved to write fiction and nonfiction stories, as well as poetry, since she was a young girl. She has shared her love for writing with numerous students during her last nine years of teaching. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, their two young daughters, and their dog.

Brigitte Goetze Brigitte Goetze

Brigitte Goetze, biologist, goat farmer, and writer lives in the foothills of Oregon´s Coast Range. She has been published by Oregon Humanities, Quiet Mountain Essays, Outward Link, Four and Twenty, Poets for Living Waters, Calyx, Women Artists Datebook 2011 and others.

R.W.W. Greene R.W.W. Greene

R.W.W. Greene is a New England writer and high-school teacher who lives with a remarkable woman and their son. He holds an MFA in fiction writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Greene wrote "Grandma´s Redemption" to explore the background of an important character in his novel "Leaving Home," which is now making the rounds of publishing houses. The short story that inspired the book ran in "Something Wicked" in March 2012. Greene blogs about writing and teaching at

Lois Elaine Heckman Lois Elaine Heckman

Lois Elaine Heckman grew up in Los Angeles, receiving a degree in Italian from UCLA. Her home is in Milan, Italy. Among her writing credits are Boston Literary Magazine, Sonnet Scroll, Tilt-a-Whirl, Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, Persimmon Tree, and Prole. She won the 2010 New England Shakespeare Festival Rubber Ducky Sonnet Contest and placed in the 2012 Poetry on the Lake Competition, short poem category. She also enjoys the poetry which is to be found in photography.

Matt Esteves Hemmerich Matt Esteves Hemmerich

Matt Hemmerich owes music, particularly bands like Radiohead and The National, for his interest in diction and the symbiotic relationship between language and melody. His poems are crafted by listening to the atmosphere of a given song, which inspires the subject matter and narrative. You can reach him at

Kim Kenney Kim Kenney

Kim Kenney is a professional writer and curator. Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, practicing yoga, cross stitching, going to car shows and dabbling in photography. Kim´s fiction, non-fiction and photography have appeared in past issues of Mused. She is the Museums Editor at BellaOnline.

Albert Kwak Albert Kwak

Albert Kwak is a Texas born cowboy who earned his bachelor´s in English at Cal State Northridge. He has few poems under his belt that are published in the Northridge Review and won the second runner-up in the Dark Party Review Short, Short Story of 55 words or less. He is currently working on his first novel, Gospel of Lucifer, and compiling an anthology of short stories and poems. You can sample it here:

Holly Van Leuven Holly Van Leuven

Holly Van Leuven resides in Boston, MA. She is pursuing a B.F.A. at Emerson College. In addition to literary fiction, Holly writes creative non-fiction and (formal) poetry. At the age of 18, she received her first international publishing credit when the Eclectic Muse published two of her sonnets in the Christmas 2009 issue. She is currently organizing a literary trip to Europe. To learn more about her zany adventures or her affinity for Charles Dickens, please email.

Jennifer Luckenbill Jennifer Luckenbill

Jennifer Luckenbill contributed the work entitled Autumn and The Closest Thing to Sibling Affection.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Arwen also writes paranormal romance as Marilu Mann. She is the current president of the American Tarot Association. Writing since she was old enough to realize verbs and nouns created word pictures, Arwen uses poetry as a creative opener when she is stuck. As Marilu Mann, she is celebrating her seventh release, "Sex And Trouble." Visit Marilu at Seek joy, y´all.

J. Lynn Marshall J. Lynn Marshall

JLynn Marshall lives in Central New Jersey where she teaches high school English, collects tattoos and cultivates her addiction to writing. Her work has appeared online in Flashshot and The Molotov Cocktail.

Patricia Maulding Patricia Maulding

Patricia Maulding, aka, ´Poppet´, collects old books and silver spoons. She is a freelance artist, poet and photographer who secretly writes songs for the moon. You can find her work at:

Terry Wiemuth Michelsen Terry Wiemuth Michelsen

Terry Michelsen is a native of Chicago. She and her husband moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina just before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Michelsen writes poetry, short fiction, and children´s stories. Her photographs and paintings adorn the covers of her books.

Geoffrey Miller Geoffrey Miller

Geoffrey Miller is a lecturer of composition currently teaching at Qatar University. His most recent publications are Hannul 005 (cover) Corvus Issue 4, Summer 2012, Ominous Fear (series) Kartika Review Issue 13, Summer 2012, Blue Tea Girl 008 (cover) Crack the Spine Issue 36, Kyoung Bok Palace 004 (cover) Willows Wept Review Winter 2012, Ascension (short fiction) Stepping Stone Magazine May 2012, His photography series The Streets of Sri Lanka is in the Prick of the Spindle Online Gallery.

Samantha Moore Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore is a writer, a survivor, and a reluctant priestess. You can follow her creative and spiritual awakening on her blog, "Gratitude and Curses" at

Andriana Pohja Andriana Pohja

Andriana Pohja is a bit of an eccentric who works forensics and has an inherent passion for the creative arts. Her admiration for the beauty of natural and man-made surroundings, along with personal experiences and just a touch of morbid darkness, are her inspirations for her photos, art, jewelry, poems, and stories.

Alina Rios Alina Rios

Alina grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia, then grew up a little more in Cleveland, OH. She now lives in Seattle, where she works as a technical editor. When she´s not editing or running after her son, she writes fairytales, myths, and poems, reads magical books, makes and consumes good coffee in dangerous quantities, and dreams of travel. You can find her at

Wendy Russ Wendy Russ

Wendy Russ is a Southern teller-of-tall-tales living in the Ozark foothills of Arkansas. Her stories and poems have been published by Tales from the South, Emerge Literary Journal and elsewhere. She is the author of The League for the Suppression of Celery and can be found at

Sue Russell Sue Russell

Raised in Montana and transposed to the mid-west, Sue Russell finds her inspiration in the mountainous wilderness of her childhood. As a practicing psychologist/psychoanalyst, she brings the richness of human emotional experience and dream symbolism to her writing.

Julie L. Scharf Julie L. Scharf

Julie L. Scharf is a lover and writer of creative nonfiction, and has published over several short stories, essays, and poems. She is the author of short CNF pieces titled The Train of Bobby´s Life, Remnants, and Signals. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, she now resides in Colorado.

Maury Schulman Maury Schulman

Maury Schulman is passionate about nature photography and is outside with his camera whenever he isn´t teaching 7th grade science. A housefire displaced him from Fairbanks, Alaska and he landed in Tucson, Arizona (from one extreme to another). He lives with his wife Sherry, but has unleashed his children on the rest of the world in Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon.

Donna Sciandra Donna Sciandra

Donna has always been adventurous and loved to travel. She spent two years in Jamaica (as a teacher trainer in Kingston) and five years in the Solomon Islands on Guadalcanal (as a Community Developer in a rain forest living in a leaf house) with the Peace Corps. Donna is now a retired elementary school teacher who is enjoying her “free” time traveling and photographing North America.

Bob See Bob See

Bob See has been actively interested in photography for many years. He enjoys taking images of air shows, wildlife, and landscapes. The camera used for all photos in this issue of Mused was a Canon 40D. Bob can be reached at his golfing site at

Lisa Shea Lisa Shea

Born in Maryland, Lisa Shea has been contentedly nestled in the rolling hills and mossy forests of Massachusetts since 1995. She is drawn to the ocean and cherishes quiet evenings as the orange glow of sunset glistens across wooden docks. Lisa relishes the challenge of conveying meaning and memorable characters in a measured bounding of time and space. Her stories, poems, and images celebrate natural beauty and serenity. Enjoy thousands of her photos at

Beate Sigriddaughter Beate Sigriddaughter

Beate Sigriddaughter grew up in post-WWII Germany and moved to the United States in her teens. Three times a Pushcart Prize nominee, she has published prose and poetry in many literary magazines and ezines. Her most recent book, Kuan Yin: Flowers For Change(2009) is a collection of short reflections inspired by Kuan Yin, goddess of mercy. Beate is also the founder of the Glass Woman Prize that honors passionate women’s voices (details at

Jessica F. Smith Jessica F. Smith

Jessica F. Smith is a born traveler, and has spent the last several years exploring life in various countries throughout three continents. Every experience- be it fun, exciting, strange or somber- inspires her to continue writing.

Pamela L. Taylor Pamela L. Taylor

Pamela L. Taylor is a data guru by day and a poet by night. As co-organizer of Living Poetry, she facilitates the monthly poetry book club meetings and sends out the Monday morning poetry prompts. She has a doctorate in social psychology from UCLA, a MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and is a Cave Canem Fellow. When she’s not dancing Argentinean tango, she’s working on her blog geared toward poets with non-literary careers (

Angelika Teuber Angelika Teuber

Angelika is an internationally published poet who started to write poetry after she had moved to the United States from Germany. She loves poetry deeply and found like-minded people in the Triangle area or North Carolina. Angelika founded the non-profit group Living Poetry organizing local poetry events ( Currently, she attends the low-res MFA program for Poetry at Pacific University in Oregon. She is also a member of the NC Poetry Society and NC Writers´ Network.

Cheri Thacker Cheri Thacker

Cheri Thacker is a humor columnist and freelance writer from Bartlett, TN. She also maintains a humor blog that provides a peek inside a home that is one talking dog away from a sitcom. You can read her blog at She enjoys writing short stories, and is presently working on a murder mystery novel.

Christine Tsen Christine Tsen

Christine Tsen is a published cellist and poet. Her symphonic experiences are rich with poetic inspiration, and her poetry has put the muse back in her music. Her poems are in THRUSH Poetry Journal, Requiem Magazine, Utmost Christian, and The Bark among others. More:

Joann Vitali Joann Vitali

Growing up in southern Connecticut, Joann attributes her passion for photography to living so close to New York City with its fast pace and diverse cultures. Since moving to New Hampshire, her interests have steered her towards photographing the beauty of everything New England. Joann´s work has been exhibited at the Exeter Town Hall, the Chimera Art Gallery, the Chandler Library, Gallery One, and Martin´s Photographix and Digital Xhibits in Nashua, NH.

Leon A. Walker Leon A. Walker

Leon A. Walker is a published writer of various forms of creative literature. His first collection of poetry and short stories entitled “Work Wonders” was published in September 2009, his second collection, entitled "Life Lines" was released in November 2010. A third collection entitled "Equinox", will be available very soon. Further information on Mr. Walker and his books may be found through his web site at: www.leon-walker-com

Ann Waller Ann Waller

Making her first ocean voyage at the age of five, Ann is an inveterate traveler. Her wanderlust has taken her to various parts of the U.S., Canada, both coasts of Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean, England, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Croatia, Montenegro, China, Hong Kong, and Ukraine. She has a particular fondness for Italy and has returned at least a dozen times to explore the country from the tip of the Alps to the southern shores of Sicily.

Janet Amalia Weinberg Janet Amalia Weinberg

Janet Amalia Weinberg is a writer, a former psychologist, and the editor of an anthology designed to help women feel good about aging. (Still Going Strong; Memoirs, Stories, and Poems About Great Older Women). Some of her stories may be found in Room, Long Story Short, Wild Violet, West Wind Review, and Moondance.

Christine Youn Christine Youn

Christine Youn is a third year undergraduate student at Emory University. She was published in a literary magazine, Blinking Cursor, for her poem "Rush." She channels her emotions, energy, and experiences in her writing. As of now, she writes poetry in her leisure, but hopes to write professionally when given the chance.

Charlotte Zang Charlotte Zang

Charlotte Zang is a public relations professional who makes her home near the Chesapeake Bay. In addition to business writing, she writes to inform and entertain on a variety of topics.

Jody Zolli Jody Zolli

Jody Zolli has enjoyed writing poetry since she was seven. Poetry runs in the family, though, as both her mother and grandmother wrote poetry, and had a knack for doggerel verse. Jody has enjoyed being a technical writer for twenty five years, and feels it is the perfect marriage between creative writing and engineering.

Mary J. Breen
Mary is the author of two books about women´s health, and her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in national newspapers, essay collections, travel magazines, health journals, and literary magazines. She lives in Peterborough Ontario Canada where, among other things, she teaches memoir writing with seniors.

Chelle is a 23-year-old, happily-married woman born and raised in small-town America, now living in Southern California. Encouraged by her fiance, after he spotted her creative eye and love of photographic art, Chelle grabbed her camera and jumped in with both feet, creating Inspired By Chelle photography, which now strives to re-connect people with God, nature, and the beauty that lies within us all. To view all of Chelle´s artwork, please visit

Benjamin Clements
Benjamin Clements submitted the work entitled Missed Out.

Larry Duncan
Larry Duncan received his B.F.A. in creative writing from Chapman University in 2008 and his M.F.A. from California State University in 2012. His poetry has appeared or is forth coming in Bank Heavy Press´s quarterly anthologies Don´t Forget the Chapstick and RoboBook, Emerge Literary Journal and the Muddy River Poetry Review. "The Lake Effect" is his first published work of non-fiction. He currently lives in Fullerton, California.

Karo Evans
Karo Evans submitted the work entitled Regards de Femme.

Linda B. Gamble
Linda Gamble is a retired reading specialist. In the past she has published articles for professional educational journals, but since her retirement has given her creative muse a chance to grow. She has just begun submitting some of her poetry and has been fortunate to have pieces accepted by Edison Literary Review, Camel Saloon, Long Story Short and past issues of Mused. Currently she is also working on a children´s picture book.

Stacy Maddox
Stacy Maddox submitted the works entitled Road Of Ice and The Love She Has.

Anita McKay
Anita McKay is freelance writer and poet. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Women’Synergy, Chronogram, and Clever Magazine. She is a member of Words in Progress, a peer writing group . Anita is an avid traveler who enjoys seeing new places, learning the history firsthand, enjoying the food and meeting people. The most significant part of travel for her is the encounters with people, including herself!

Bill Phillips
Bill Phillips submitted the work Poorly Maintained.

April Salzano
April Salzano teaches college writing in Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in Poetry Salzburg, Pyrokinection, Convergence, Ascent Aspirations, The Rainbow Rose, The Camel Saloon, The Applicant, The Mindful Word, Napalm and Novocain, The Second Hump, Jellyfish Whispers, The South Townsville Micro Poetry Journal, The Weekender Magazine, Deadsnakes, Winemop, Daily Love, WIZ, and is forthcoming in Inclement, Poetry Quarterly, and Decompression. She is working on her first collection of poetry.

Charlie Weber
Charlie Weber submitted the work entitled Sunday Afternoon.

Danielle Wolffe
Danielle Wolffe is a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in 5Finger Review, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Alaska, Outside, Sandlapper and in other places. Her radio work has appeared on Weekend America/American Public Media. She is not really a poet, but writes poems once or twice a year. She wrote this one while selling flowers at a farmers market. She currently works for various non-profit organizations doing various things. She likes to garden, hike, travel and generally run amok.

Angel Zapata
Angel Zapata submitted the works Brood and Mass and Mirrors.

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