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Red Shouldered Hawk by Al Rollins

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What You Are Saying
Weevil - Amazing clarity in your photos, Mark! ~Carole

The Future Out There - Incredible tapestry of youthful imagery. You could really imagine yourself as Kali and as a parent her mother. That force that drives you to help your children become the dream that they so desire. ~Craig

The Walk - I thought this was a great story. I had empathy for the woman so desperately missing her son. Wonderful description of the beach scene and I loved the ending. ~EC

A Gilded Frame - Ms.Guzzi is a masterful story teller and poet. I'm glad to see this work here! ~andrea

A Gilded Frame - I loved your story. It pulled at my heartstrings. ~Brenda

Pink - such a beautiful, heartfelt essay. Thank you for sharing, Liane! ~ellen

Pink - As a mother of 2 sons, I get it. Maybe a granddaughter. Lovely writing as usual, Liane. ~Felicia

Pink - I know how it feels. I too wanted a girl. Larry didn't agree he wanted a boy. In hindsight what really matters is not the gender but having a healthy child. Would it be nice to have a girl. Yes! Would I trade my Son or the time I had with him for a girl. No. ~Karen

Pink - good clean female fun! ~label ben fivish

Pink - I loved this piece! Although I am a mother of two girls and a boy, I could still relate and enjoyed the read. Thank you Liane! ~Mary

Pink - Thanks for another great piece Liane. It was as enjoyable as decadent chocolate. I will pass it on to my sister - mom of 3 boys - who I know has felt the same. And now that my daughters are grown & I have a new little boy, I still find myself lingering over the very cute pink-in-white clothes from the Hanna Anderson catalog! And will we ever get to the Galapagos??? I'm now living out those dreams vicariously through my world-exploring children. Sometimes God has other plans for us. ~stacy

The Bettis and Us Story - I always loved this story Angela. Not at all surprised that it was published! ~Jackie

At The Signal - Yasmin is a wonderful poet and this sensitive poem is proof of her talent!! ~andrea

At The Signal - I really like this poem. It has great imagery, and evokes strong emotion. Nice work. ~Carol

At The Signal - This poem is the way I feel traveling to places as a tourist. How to help the vast human condition of people who are forgotten. ~jacquie

Bora Bora - Leslie Hoffman's poem "Bora Bora" is wonderful. Thanks Leslie and Bella Online. ~Toni

Clipped Wings - Very touching. What's sadder than a first grader failing? Well done. ~G. K. Adams

Handbag of Straw - Both true and sad and beautiful ~janes

Lost at the Dog Park - amazing poet! amazing poem! One of the best of our generation!!! ~Phibby

On Point Lookout - Gorgeous imagery, especially the darting dragonflies. ~G. K. Adams

The Dying Room - a poem that I can relate to. She makes this human condition very real for the reader. ~andrea

Watford City, North Dakota, 2013 - You've captured the oil town, and the narrator's dreams. Well done. ~G. K. Adams

Watford City, North Dakota, 2013 - Powerful images of what it might be like for a woman in the fracking camps of North Dakota. Nicely done! ~Sarah

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