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Red Shouldered Hawk by Al Rollins

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Small Memory Of You by Art Heifetz
Acceptance by Wynne Huddleston
An Old Story by Elaine Frankonis
Chris Craft by Thomas Hollyday
Dawn on the Caribbean by Sarah Corbett Morgan
Down at the River by Emily Strauss
Friend by Amitava Nag
Graveside Testament by Elaine Frankonis
Hiding Places by Lisa Hodges
Holding On by Lisa Dworkin Kerr
I Am First by A.J. Huffman
Mi Tia by Mary Rodriguez
Monday Baking by Sue Russell
My French Horn Summer by Emily Strauss
One Little Gray Heron by A.J. Huffman
Phosphorescence by Janet Sleeper Frostad
Ponderings by Carl "Papa" Palmer
Prey by Amitava Nag
Small Change by Lynx Sainte-Marie
The Day I Fell From The Sky by Janet Sleeper Frostad
Things From Far Away by Janet Sleeper Frostad
Trees at Play by Wynne Huddleston
Water Lilies, 1916 by Craig W. Steele
Weekend in Providence: A Triptych by Joshua Bocher
With the Spring by Stacy Link


Features by April Salzano
Feline Persuasion by Terri Johansen
Playing House by Mary J. Breen
Sometimes My Buddy Remembers by Francine L. Billingslea
Still Life by Catherine Rain
The Science of Love by Jody Zolli


Home by Katie Stephens
Penchant and Prejudice by Eleanor Moore
Redemption by Dixon Hearne
Surge! by Vanessa Horn
Things I Canīt Tell You by Cornelia L. Oancea
Tuna Heart by Tara Lynne Groth
Waves by Sheila McKeane



In Her Own Words by Katie Stephens

Art and Photography

Red Shouldered Hawk by Al Rollins
Bee Business by Mark Berkery
Beetle on Blue Salvia by Mark Berkery
Leaf-Cutter Bee by Mark Berkery
I Hope She Likes These by Al Rollins
Off To Get More Grass by Al Rollins
Echinacea Flower Top by Carole Bouchard
2013 Northern New York Ice Storm I by Kim Kenney
Soldier of Spring by Debi Gardiner
Orange Drop by Bob Evans
Monarchs in Montauk by Mike Gordeev
Blue Heron at Sunset by Kim Kenney
Grace by Ellen Erlanger
Bee Save by Mark Berkery
2013 Northern New York Ice Storm II by Kim Kenney
Bee Stuff by Mark Berkery
Open Wide by JackiGail
Creativity by Lisa Shea
Icy Feet by Christine Catalano
A Better View by Debi Gardiner
Low Tide by Mike Gordeev
The Star by Debi Gardiner
Tree Reflection by Carole Bouchard
Slow Going by Donna Sciandra
Butterfly Passion by Ellen Erlanger
Two Calla Lilies by Carole Bouchard
Country Side - Ireland by Al Rollins
December Sunrise by Ashton Christie
Birds of a Feather by Debi Gardiner
Oh, There It Is! by Donna Sciandra
Two Baby Anhingas by Ellen Erlanger
Florida Prickly Pear by Donna Sciandra
Lotus by Lisa Shea
Tractor by Mike Gordeev
Winter Walk, B & W Conversion by Christine Catalano
Twins by Donna Sciandra
Birch Bark Graffiti by Debi Gardiner
Leaves by Bob Evans
Purple Gallinule by Ellen Erlanger
Early Morning at the Harbor by Christine Catalano
Waterfall in Winter by Carole Bouchard
Family by Donna Sciandra
Anasazi Home Dwelling by Terri Johansen


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers

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