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Sword Posta by Lisa Shea

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Fly On Pink - This is a stunning photo. And a beautiful quote/prayer to accompany it. Thank you, Mark. ~Carol

Potter Wasp - Another beautiful photo, Wow. Every color, every detail is crisp and sharp. Outstanding. ~Carol

Nashua River in Pepperell MA - All of your photographs in this issue are beautiful. The colors are so vivid. This one of the Nashua River is so calming. It is lovely. ~Ann

The Refuge - Powerful, emotion-filled piece that speaks clearly to what so many women have to face. ~Lisa

The Polish Social Worker - A fascinating piece! I assume that the story is set in present-day USA. Yet it has an old world feeling, as if set in Poland--perhaps in the 1930s. It also seems to have significant symbolism. I would love to know more about the background of this story. ~Virginia

A Beautiful Try - I absolutely love this poem. The sensory details are so rich, I felt like I was along on this journey into the South with the author. Such beautiful language. Thank you. ~Carol

A Beautiful Try - I think it is a wonderful, thought provoking poem. I want to go with the writer on this whimsical trip. What fun!!!! Our guardian understands. Seriously great work by wonderful lady. ~judy

A Cross of Roads - Beautiful but with a sadness you feel. Love this and can tell there are secrets to be found. Very well written and full of life's reality. ~goldie

A Cross of Roads - Very sad and very lovely ~Janet

Fronts Sheered Off - This is a beautifully written piece. Strong verbs, great imagery. Very nice. ~Carol

Fronts Sheered Off - This is wonderful. Very funny and clever. ~Sadie

Khaki Beyond The Mazari Palm - These word images are so vivid. Especially like the last stanza. Likewise lines like: "in the cities teacups are left untouched"; altogether a rich and evocative poem, lots more please! ~Noel

Reverie - I can see it as if I were there ~jeff

Reverie Great beginning! ~Sadie

Sewing Circle - Dear Scott, On behalf of spiders everywhere I protest that their webs are not crude. They are things of beauty. Great poem. ~AKTATTER

Those Boys Of Yours- Great poem. Happy to be in the same issue as you which seems to happen a lot. ~Art

Water Nymph - This is simply beautiful, the scene is right there before the reader and all one wants is to turn left a thousand feet from here and gaze at "morning hair", listen to Hafiz and hope to read more from Martha Landman. ~Noel

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