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Sword Posta by Lisa Shea

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


2015 ; 4 by Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke
A Common C Note by Phibby Venable
A Fly in the Heart of the Orchid Flower by Noel Canin
A Portrait of the Poet as an Old Man
by J. Scott Shields
A Sevenling by Linda B. Gamble
Always Open by Brigitte Goetze
An Old Piano by Martha Landman
Blooms Ago by Joanne Cucinello
Blue In Green by Erren Geraud Kelly
Breathless by Deborah Guzzi
Carolina Blues by Terry Michelsen
Chikaree's Dais by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Cinquain by David Edwards
Cosmic Casino by Sudha Srivatsan
Cowboy Camp by J. Scott Shields
Cross Pollination by Deborah Guzzi
Currently Registered by Lee Evans
Death of a Small Town by Virginia Lee Bliss
Downtown Main Street by Carol Smallwood
Fearing the Drink by S. Babin
Flew Away by Linda M. Crate
Gobsmacked Gams by Deborah Guzzi
Haiku? by David Edwards
Iced Up by R.D. Hartwellr
Lassie by R.D. Hartwell
Love Court by Jen McConnell
Mother by Grace Dion
My Relief by John Grey
Old Scents by Grace Dion
On a Theme of Matthew Arnold's by Mark J. Mitchell
On The Beaten Path by Lee Evans
Poppy by Phibby Venable
Redwood Quatrain by Leslie E. Hoffman
Refinement by R.D. Hartwell
Romeo and Juliet by Verena von der Heiden
San Jose by Rich Persoff
Scottish Clearances by Rich Persoff
Sugar and Spice by Brigitte Goetze
The Sunlight Whispers Spring by Stacy Ann Link
To Bed by Linda M. Barrett
Tomato by Jeff Burt
Trafalgar Square by Craig W. Steele
Two Londons by Craig W.Steele
Virga by J. Scott Shields
Wheels Falling Off by Ruth Z. Deming


Character, Conduct and Consciousness
by R.D. Hartwell
Pump House, Installation Art by Michael McMillan,
Palm Springs Art Museum
by R.D. Hartwell
Shame by Toni K. Pacini
The Mechanics of My Hands by Catherine McClain
There's No Place Like Home by Lucy Gregg Muir
Voices by Aileen


A Change of Heart by Wayne Scheer
At Last by Mary J. Breen
Hear One Bird by Mary McCluskey
Taryn's Twirling by Lucy Robinson
Traffic by Sandy Kundra Verma



Aileen - In Her Own Words
Lucy Miller Robinson - In Her Own Words

Art and Photography

Sword Posta by Lisa Shea
Orange Tail Resin Bee by Mark Berkerey
Ichneumon Wasp by Mark Berkerey
Rua by Helen Peppe
Ship in Salem Harbor by Judith Belben
Green Bug on Orange by Mark Berkerey
Nizitta by Helen Peppe
Plum Island Seagull by Bob See
The Fly and The Assassin by Mark Berkerey
Crab Spider Patiently Waiting by Mark Berkerey
Ready or Not, Here I Come by Helen Peppe
Olive and Starbuck by Judith Belben
Companions by Helen Peppe
Raspberries by Judith Belben
Welcoming Tree by Linda M. Crate
Heavenly Light by Linda M. Crate
The Lookout by Helen Peppe
Nokomis Sunset by Ann Waller
Atlantic Puffin by Bob See
Atlantic Puffin by Bob See
Air Show by Bob See
Cozumel Iguana by Ophelia Sikes
Ice Water - Riverdale by Bob Evans
Cozumel Donkey by Ophelia Sikes
Dart Board - Droste by Lisa Shea
Orchid by Lisa Shea
Up In The Air by Ilinca Bernea
Sunset at Wallimene's by Jane Krayesky
Winter Shadows by Bob Evans
Cruise Ship Fish by Ophelia Sikes
Plum Island Seagull by Bob See


Letter From the Publisher
What You Are Saying

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