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Poppy by Carol Dandrade

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What You Are Saying
Millworker Basket - I am particularly drawn to industrial and working compositions. This one is a dandy. ~Bob

Warning - I enjoyed this. History and safe gun handling all in one. How can you neat that? ~Bob

Refueling Tanker - Simply awesome in all ways! ~Bob

2016 BellaOnline Ebook Awards Winners - Thank your dedication to the craft of writing and online publishing and for all your hard work! ~Anne

A True Royal Blue - Ahhh, that was a pleasant journey into the sweet mind of a faithful dog. Thank you Deb! ~Patti

A True Royal Blue - brings tears to my eyes! what a beautiful story. i know dogs see things better than we do, sometimes! ~sandman

Christmas Eve - This is such a good piece. So contemporary, and yet so ageless. I also found it a very visual piece of writing, and was sucked into Judith's emotional state right from the beginning. Good story Rosanne! Well done! ~Susan

Barges - Beautiful. Makes me want to go to Egypt. ~Rosanne

Saying Good-Bye - Very powerfully written account of caregiving at the end of life. The awesome loss but also the beauty. May the loving care you have soften and hold your memories as you carry her legacy. ~Saralea

Breaking Chains - As someone who experienced two back to back miscarriages myself you powerfully convey here the emotional battle of facing such loss. I hope you find peace and one day soon get your precious baby. ~Angela

Playing Swedish - An young, beautiful American catching the attention of a delicious royal! A down to earth fairy tale!!! Love it!! ~Clara

A Watched Pot - I loved the poem. Being a couple's therapist I thought the analogy of making the tea and the teacup was brilliant. So, so true. ~Anne

A Watched Pot - Thank you for this delightful poem! The moment is so well described. It tempts me to run to my kitchen for a cuppa. It's true, the past has whistled away and will not return. But steaming tea gives great comfort to a nostalgic old heart. ~Claude

A Watched Pot - Loved it…especially the final words..."And IŽll sip it from a chipped mug older than our marriage but just as familiar and imperfect, and think about the way you can wander away from each other until something whistles you back." LOVED loved this !! ~Debs

A Watched Pot - Wonderfully written! I can picture Natalie sitting in her kitchen sipping her tea from the chipped mug. ~Robin

Elixir Vitae - Very beautiful, poignant and strong imagery throughout. I was very moved. ~RHG

Step Stool For Ivy - Very nice. Now the sun will be out a little longer each day. ~Rita

Yelysaveta At Home - Lovely! I feel the spirit of Yelysaveta, her essence transmitted through a poem. ~Natalia

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