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Poppy by Carol Dandrade

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


350 Words by Lisa Reily
A Triolet of Daffodils by Craig W. Steele
Aldeburgh by Lisa Reily
Basket Weaving by Mary Rodriguez
Changes by Nancylister Swayzee
Dan Keller's Onions by Elaine Reardon
Dark Clouds by Marylou Mansfield
Daylilies Bloom by Craig W. Steele
DCCX by David Edwards
Dinner Bell by Kyle E. Christie
Dream Desert by Angela Freeman
Dregs by Angela Freeman
Early Morning Conversation by Linda Barrett
First Thaw by J. Scott Shields
From Sunflower This Dream by A.J. Huffman
Hand in Hand by Nicholas Froumis
Hereafter by Leslie E. Hoffman
If Nature Could Talk by Julie C. Johnson
Introverts by J. Scott Shields
Labadee Haiti by Ruth Z. Deming
Little Red Lighter by Kyle E. Christie
Love in a Bread Bag by Bill Diamond
Mailbox by Diane de Echeandia
Masks Off by Linda Golden
Mass Card by Billy Manas
Moon by Lindsay Flanagan
Mystic Glen by A.J. Huffman
Nothing but Sunshine by Jeff Burt
Of Love and Lampreys by Danielle Pringle
One Friday During October by Dibyendu Ghosal
One Morning You Will Decide by Arthur Turfa
Our Hero by Bill Abbott
Our Shoes, Our Lives by Magdalene D. Cramer
Robin Hotel by Bernadine Lortis
Run by Murray W. Dunlap
Runner's Requiem by Diane de Echeandia
Sanitation in Haiti by Ruth Z. Deming
Seasonal Memories by Craig W. Steele
Sleeps Like A Kitten by Lee Evans
Slow Wheel by Jody Zolli
Snow by Grace Dion
Some Secret Garden by Lee Evans
Someday This Will All Be Callous by Angela Freeman
Sorrow by Nancy Lister Swayzee
The Letter I Never Sent by Danielle Pringle
The Old Woman's Prayer by Linda C. Anger
The Signs of Spring by A.J. Huffman
This Morning's Walk by M. Braendeholm
Tomb by Lindsay Flanagan
Until It Is Not by Billy Manas
View from Beyond the Lanai by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Waiting by Diane de Echeandia
Waiting Again by Nicholas Froumis
Waning Memories by Marylou Mansfield
Watching the Smithsonian Channel with Dad by Alicia Cole


Abu Dhabi Time by Eve Marie Dobbins
Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" as Muse
by Linda Ann LoSchiavo
Me and The Ole Man by Ruth Z. Deming
My Mother's Aunt by Manijeh Badiozamani
Pious Laughter by Bill Diamond
Pray for Me, Bernadette by Ruth Z. Deming
The Cold Zone by Eve Marie Dobbins
The Journey Home by Renee Blackwell
The Waiting Room by Richard Hartwell
To Jennifer by Sharon Frame Gay
Tsunami by Bertram Allan Mullin
Vanquished by Jody Zolli


A Wisp of a Friend by Marylou Mansfield
Aftermath of a Seven-Year War by Lindsay Flanagan
At Cinema City by K.J. Hannah Greenberg
Dandelion by Tabitha Bird
Mean, Old Bastard by Madelaine Wong
Order in the Game by Rebecca Duncan
Pals by Ruth Z. Deming
The Missing Neighbor by Gregory A. Kompes
Undoing by Hedva Anbar
Unfettered by Ruth Z. Deming


Bertram Allan Mullin aka BAM by Bertram Allan Mullin
Cyanotype by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

Poppy by Carol Dandrade
Jewel Bug by Mark Berkery
Katydid by Mark Berkery
Palms and Sunrise by Dennis Smith
Lizard by Mark Berkery
Sunrise in Perspective by Dennis Smith
Apple Blossom Time by Carol Dandrade
Georgeanne's Garden by Carol Dandrade
Winter Rose by Lawrence Pratt
Wintery Wonderment by Allyson Guerin
Mud Wasp by Mark Berkery
Huntsman Spider by Mark Berkery
Cyanotype Fern by Lisa Shea
Young Blue Heron by James Engberg
Determination by Carol Dandrade
Pink Lily with Lady Bug by James Engberg
Cyanotype Gear 1 by Lisa Shea
Cyanotype Gear 2 by Lisa Shea
Cyanotype Gear 3 by Lisa Shea
Cyanotype Gear 4 by Lisa Shea
Diner by Bob See
Sphere by Bob See
Girasoles by Libia A Goncalves
Bonnie and Clyde by JackiGail
Little Flower of Horror by JackiGail
Sand and Sky, in Black and White by Christine Catalano
Spring Dream by Christine Catalano
Raymond by JackiGail
FilOfilie's Dreams by Elsa FilOfilie
River Otter by Michael Coughlin
Air Show 1 by Bob See
Air Show 2 by Bob See
Air Show 3 by Bob See
You lookin' at me? by Lawrence Pratt
Estuary and Boat in Black and White by Christine Catalano
Instant Karma by Christine Catalano
Crescent Butterfly by James Engberg
Red Winged Blackbird and Reeds by James Engberg
Ivana's Sexy Red Shoes by Susan P. Blevins
A Basket Full of Posies by Carol Dandrade


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