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Tentacles by Christine Catalano

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Letter to Our Readers
Lisa Shea The Summer Solstice is a time of light, of strength, of warmth, and of celebration. Our English word "Summer" comes from the Norse word "sumar", and it's probably fitting that those Scandinavians found joy in the longest day, to offset their frosty winters. Looking even further back in history, the word "Solstice" traces to Latin, where it means "Sun Stationary". In the winter the sun races across the sky, eager to burrow back down into night again. In the summer the sun lingers, serenely, bathing us in its golden glow.

Our artwork celebrates the beauty of summer. Orchids burst in a cascade of pink and ivory. Macro photography reminds us that rainbows come in all shapes and sizes. Drifting seeds provide a glimpse into the fleeting beauty which makes a moment magical.

Poetry creates scenes of lyrical wonder. We relax while fishing by warm mud and cottonwood. A roseated sea sprays bursts of pastel foam amid jaded greenery. A quiet cottage holds summer memories as time fades them into a dusty past.

Fiction stories draw us into fresh visions of the world. A man valiantly seeks out chocolate for his lover in after-hours France. A woman moves back to her home town and ponders the changes life brings. An elderly man and young girl consider the meaning of God.

Non-Fiction opens windows into the lives of those around us. A sister struggles to cope with a brother who faces challenges. A daughter becomes the parent for her aging father. A wife navigates the rocky road of a cheating husband and a beloved dog who is fading.

Our play glimpses a remnant of the elegant South, a world of carriage houses and azalea gardens. Our interview celebrates the music of Neptune's Car, where singer-songwriter Holly Hanson explores the beauty of the sea and the strength of a female captain.

Pour a glass of cool water, stretch out on the shady hammock, and enjoy all the issue has to offer!

Lisa Shea

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