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Tentacles by Christine Catalano

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Hummingbird Flits by Craig W. Steele
A Meditation On Chemical Death
by Jeni Booker Senter
A Roseated Sea by Craig W. Steele
Adversity by Sean J. Mahoney
Aftermath by Lisa Hodges
Automa Mortis by Ansel Oommen
Beach Bum by Linda B. Gamble
Blessings by Lisa Hodges
Breathless by Stacey Dye
Collateral Damage by Linda Leedy Schneider
Crickets In The Morning by Linda Sue Grimes
Endless by B.A. Varghese
Enlightenment by Lois Elaine Heckman
Family Kin by Linda Kaye
Fathers And Sons by Joseph Farley
Freedom by Stacey Dye
I Am Always Forgetting Something
by Linda Leedy Schneider
I Once Kissed Pavarotti In Dalston by Jeff Bell
Impressions by Stacey Dye
Initiation by Linda B. Gamble
Khajuraho by Barnali Saha
Kodachrome Cottage by T.A. Cullen
Maestro by Leigh Harlett
Maureen´s Senryu Morning by Gary F. Iorio
Mercy by Angelika Teuber
Mould by Maesa Beany
My Sinister Limb by Mark J. Mitchell
Nothing More To Say by Melissa J. Bahle
One Evening Near The End Of The Millennium
by Louis Gallo
See How He Waits by Joanne Cucinello
Sleep by Purnendu Chatterjee
Spring Day by Eileen Sateriale
Sprung by Samantha Moore
Summer Girls by Tanya Dickinson
The Angels Are Now With Her by Tarinda Smithson
The City After Rain by Linda Sue Grimes
The Climb by A.J. Huffman
The Game by Beate Sigriddaughter
The Gift by Tanya Dickinson
The One Who Got Away by Sue Russell
The River by Barry Press
The Scent Of Sandalwood by A.J. Huffman
To A Friend Who Stayed The Night by T.A. Cullen
Twelve Step Program by Lee Evans
Unexpected Love by Lois Elaine Heckman
What You Might Say When I Am Dead by April Salzano


A Boy Named Bobby by Julie L Scharf
Absence Of Her Jingling Bell by Angela D. Valdes
Adelaide And The 8 By 10 by Dorothy E Thomas
Body Snatcher by Jeni Booker Senter
Grandpa Snake-eyes by Toni K. Pacini
Pepperell Lake by Toni K. Pacini
The House Of Cards by Candice Carnes


Hip Replacement by Margaret Karmazin
Jake by Emma Deanston
Jessie´s Diner by Emma Deanston
Kill Me With Chocolate by Frank Scozzari
Landing by Bruce J. Berger
The Bell by Dorothy R. Rice


Of What Remains by Dixon Hearne


Neptune’s Car by Lisa Shea
Carole Bouchard - In Her Own Words

Art and Photography

Tentacles by Christine Catalano
Rainbow Wanderer 5 by Mark Berkerey
Japanese Lantern by Bob See
Pink Magnolia by Bob See
Rainbow Wanderer 4 by Mark Berkerey
Fractal Succulent by Bob See
Anise Magnolia by Bob See
Rainbow Wanderer 3 by Mark Berkerey
Korean Rhododendron by Bob See
Fireworks Red Geranium by Lisa Shea
Rainbow Wanderer 2 by Mark Berkerey
Pasque Flower by Lisa Shea
Cobblestones by Lisa Shea
Rainbow Wanderer 1 by Mark Berkerey
Daffodil Field by Lisa Shea
Crimson Petunia by Lisa Shea
Fluff by Patricia Maulding
Reflect by Helen Peppe
Fetched by Helen Peppe
The King Of Rock by Helen Peppe
Watched by Helen Peppe
Refill, Please by Helen Peppe
Move Over by Mary Henderson
What Now? by Mary Henderson
Come In by Mary Henderson
By The Pond by Lori Blake
Working The Camera by Lori Blake
I C U by Linda Riz
Lady by Linda Riz
Solitary Splendour by Georgia Seitz
Death Of A Tornado by Georgia Seitz
Alaskan Thistle In Silver Lavender Shades by Georgia Seitz
Blue And White Flower by Georgia Seitz
Watch Your Step! by Donna Sciandra
You Lookin´ At Me?!? by Donna Sciandra
"Ikebana" Floral Sculpture by Donna Sciandra
Final Embrace by Donna Sciandra
Flower Power by Donna Sciandra
Savannah Swans by Andrew R Sciandra
No More Mondays by Andrew R Sciandra
Florida Soft Shell Turtle by Andrew R Sciandra
Hope by Meghan Kelly
One Last Spin by Meghan Kelly
Morning Glory by Andriana Pohja
Upper Yosemite Falls by Al Rollins
Flying Condor-1 by Al Rollins
Antelope Canyon-2 by Al Rollins
Orifice by Christine Catalano
Waterfall by Carole Bouchard
Mayapple by Carole Bouchard
Wisteria Vine by Carole Bouchard
Water Rings by Carole Bouchard
Wild Grass by Carole Bouchard
Black And White Beauty by Christine Catalano
Antelope Canyon-1 by Al Rollins
Brown Butterfly - But It Is So Much More! by Beth Weiner
Elegantly Arching Orchids by Beth Weiner
Green Butterfly by Beth Weiner
Burro Cactus Flower by Beth Weiner
Sassolongo Mountain Group, Italian Dolomites
by Lois Elaine Heckman
View Of Sicilian Coast From Erice by Lois Elaine Heckman
Peaches To Be by Lois Elaine Heckman
Beauty From Bark by Lois Elaine Heckman
Queen Butterfly On Sunflower by Fred Boye


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers

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