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Tentacles by Christine Catalano

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Lois Elaine Heckman

Each morning I embark upon a quest,
my calling: educating childrenís minds.
Some faces turn to me in fear for what
they do not know, while others listen to
friendsí whispers, hiding mouths behind their hands.
A few look lost or bored, unsatisfied
with what the lessons have to offer them.

If only I could conquer them to thought;
but what Iíd really like would be to have
a magic wand that breaches barriers
and lets the knowledge permeate their brains,
exploding insight deep within those folds
of promise, lighting passion torches that
will lead to future possibility.

On days when I perceive that glint emerge
from eyes expressing their astonishment
at understanding, satisfaction pays
me overtime. I realize the spark
is not the same for everyone, but Iíll
continue rubbing flints together, to
ignite ideas wherever tinder lies.