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Pompeii Dog by Ophelia Sikes

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What You Are Saying
Weevil - Amazing clarity in your photos, Mark! ~Carole

2013 Northern New York Ice Storm II - Well done, Excellent perspective!! ~Ashton

Penchant and Prejudice - What a wonderful story! It made you feel like you were at the Cafe, sipping the cafe au lait. Tension. Surprise element sums up the struggle and pain of difference in a life threatening moment. There is so much unsaid here--well done! ~Patty

Tuna Heart - What a wonderful story! I'll be sure to remember it if I get invited to go tuna fishing! LOL! ~Beth

Tuna Heart - Wow. I didn't connect with the story right away, as I don't fish. But when the captain held the still beating tuna heart the story hit me in a powerful and visceral way. ~JeanMarie

Features - What a powerful and exceptional piece of writing. You had me with you feeling the tension and emotion in every scene. ~Jayne Martin

Playing House - This article certainly brought back memories. Although I remember very little about public school, I do remember Miss Marshall, our grade eight home ec teacher, short, heavy and utterly terrifying to a child like me, who had no aptitude for or interest in cooking and sewing. My apron was never finished, a blouse not even begun....the sewing machine and I did not get along. I know that most little girls loved to play dress up and house but my sister and I were not encouraged in those pursuits. We were instructed to read, to play board games, to be quiet and we were constantly sent outside to play. I greatly enjoyed your article because it took me back to the days of my childhood and wonderful memories of my sister. Thank you for sharing. Your writing style captured the life of a girl child in the 50s and reminded me of so many of my long ago friends. ~anon

Playing House - This piece made me laugh out loud to myself...and the long-suffering dog who happened to be lying at my feet. Mary remembers childhood in such specific and precise detail, reminding me of things I thought I'd forgotten about decades ago. But here it is, fresh and vivid once more, delivered with sparkling wit! Why were cooking teachers and sewing teachers always so terrifying? I broke more machine needles, snarled in fishing nets of tangled thread, than one would believe it was possible to do...I don't think my Blouse was ever finished. I can remember its fabric to this day, and also how much I hated it after a year of wrenching it in and out of recalcitrant machines. ~Troon

The Science of Love - This is a beautiful essay. I've known the author's work, and admired it, for years; this is the best I've ever read. ~E

The Science of Love - Absolutely beautiful, and deep. ~MMM

Acceptance - Exquisite imagery, Wynne! Your poetry is captivating. ~Linda

Friend - Read before. A second reading was a treat equally. Easy, transparent, vulnerable, and...yes, touching. ~Parthapratim

Ponderings - In "Ponderings," Carl "Papa" Palmer captures the rich and varied symphony of sights and sounds on a summer solstice evening, brimming with life in a place of expected quiet. This poem allows us to see and hear everything. ~Raymond

Trees at Play - Such fresh, fascinating images, Wynne! I love this! ~Linda

Trees at Play - Wonderful view of glorious trees. The personalities given to each by the poet are amazing! A beautiful piece of art. ~Parker

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