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Pompeii Dog by Ophelia Sikes

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Little Night Music by Valerie Austyn
All That Glitters by Kathleen Serocki
Catholic School Dream by Mark J. Mitchell
CON TE PARTIRO (A Time to Say Goodbye) by Alan Hilfiker
From Water I Draw You Still by Marchell Dyon
Haiku XI by Leslie E. Hoffman
Haiku XII by Leslie E. Hoffman
In Absinthe by Lori S. Blake
In The Family Room by Laya Fisher
Keeping Time by Lisa Hodges
Lagoon by Kathleen Serocki
Plum Thicket by Michael Harty
Remembering Jake by Lori S. Blake
Seashore Panorama by Eileen Sateriale
Still Life by Marchell Dyon
That Summer She Lived in a Shoe by Kathleen Serocki
Top Dressing by Deborah Guzzi
Visiting Henry Miller at a Nursing Home by Oshinn
Vortex by Christine Tsen
When I Can't Sleep Because My Heart Is Broken
by Laya Fisher
Woodchuck Meditation by Elaine Frankonis
Yard Work by Lee Evans


A Slug on the Shoulder by Rebekah Tucker
A Yukon Summer by Rachel Thompson
Beatrix Potter Did It by Marci Tomascak
Going Home by Sue Ellis
Survivor by Rachel Thompson
The Nap by Ruth Z. Deming
Too Soon Old; Too Late Smart? by Elaine Frankonis


A Perfect Day by Vanessa Horn
Broken Fourth Walls by Carrie Esposito
Good Morning, Mrs. Washington by Ruth Z. Deming
Naomi's Tears by J. Scott Shields
Preservation by Carrie Esposito
The Moment I Parted the Curtains by Patty Somlo
The Promise by Lucy Gregg Muir
The Treachery of Images by Lucy Gregg Muir
The Turquoise Dress by Ruth Fitzpatrick Michel



Rachel Thompson - In Her Own Words

Art and Photography

Pompeii Dog by Ophelia Sikes
A Golden Meal 2 by Mark Berkery
A Golden Meal 3 by Mark Berkery
A Golden Meal 5 by Mark Berkery
Resting Sand Hill Crane by Al Rollins
Pompeii Theater by Ophelia Sikes
Orchids Speak by Ellen Erlanger
Mystic Arm - Antelope Canyon by Al Rollins
Indian-Blankets by Ashton
Yoga Position - Bill in Wing by Donna Sciandra
A Golden Meal 4 by Mark Berkery
A Golden Meal 1 by Mark Berkery
Emergence by Christine Catalano
There is Room at the Top! by Andrew R. Sciandra
Where the River Flows by Lori S. Blake
Frog Face-Time by Kevin Saleeba
Mama Mockingbird by Ellen Erlanger
Lavender by Samantha Hunt
Morning Dew by Kevin Saleeba
Tour Boat Dock by Andrew Sciandra
Deep Purple by Christine Catalano
Are My Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach?
by Donna Sciandra
Sunset Watch by Ellen Erlanger
Pompeii Street by Ophelia Sikes
Door Knocker by Lisa Shea
Abandoned by Lisa Shea
Princess Elizabeth by Bob Evans
Open Wide by Christine Catalano
Little Green Heron by Donna Sciandra
Rusted in Bluebonnets by Ashton
Slender Architect by Elizabeth Devine
Pisa, Italy Window by Lisa Shea
Sea of Wildflowers by Ashton
Little Blue Heron by Donna Sciandra
Eye on You by Donna Sciandra
Tulips at Work by Christine Catalano
Ponte Santa Trinita by Lisa Shea
Valley of the Sun by Elizabeth Devine
The Visitor by Maureen Donatelli
Dragonfly Love by Ellen Erlanger
Painted Silhouette by Benjamin Dover
Temple of Jupiter with Vesuvius by Ophelia Sikes
Lonely and Wind-Swept by Elizabeth Devine
Bluebell Wood by Samantha Hunt
In the Wood by Samantha Hunt
Bluebell Path by Samantha Hunt
Sanibel Fishers by Andrew Sciandra
Flagler's Legacy by Andrew Sciandra
Unfolding by Christine Catalano
Two Bridges by Lisa Shea
Shells and Leaf by A. J. Huffman
Pompeii Lupanar Cell by Ophelia Sikes
No Sun on the Sunshine Bridge by Andrew Sciandra
Abandoned by Lisa Shea
Sunset by Bob See


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