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Grand Opening by Carol Dandrade

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What You Are Saying
Curling Up - Well done, Christine. The light, colors, and focus are spot on. ~LCJ

A Fresh Start - Wonderful reminder for all of us to stay in the moment. Thanks, Kim. ~Claudia

Good Morning, Mrs. Washington – Wonderful tale ~Carolyn

Deliverance (Or the Drone Killers) – A fun story. ~Godfrey

That Fat Girl From Atlanta - Pamela is an awesome writer. I wish every day that I could have told her. Rest my friend, I love you. ~Randal

The Spider - a lovely tale, showing us how our lives are guided or even directed by our unconscious in benevolent, life-giving ways. I believe our only hope of having such hidden illumination is offered by astrology. ~Carolyn

Aziz as My Babysitter - What a delightful childhood tale! The Sit and Hold box is a wonderful image. ~Connie

Letters to My Mother and Father - Made me ponder and smile regarding my mother. Thanks for the memories. ~Mary

One Day Before the Mast - Yea? What was your point as all that seemed a pretty normal sailing event to me! ~WH

Playing Swedish – Quite a cute situation and wonderful to read. ~VIV

Real Argo - A suspenseful snapshot of real life Iran in 1993 and how an assertive (and screaming) woman can turn around a stressful scene. Well-written. ~Connie

Real Argo – Quite an interesting story. Descriptions carry me through the security line with her. I don’t know if I could have put on a screaming show, but I’m not trying to get out of the country. ~VIV

A Hug Returned - Thank you for providing space for such interesting writing! ~Love

Come to Me - This poem has a gentle quality, very soothing, it draws me in. ~CAM

Hearts of Blood - Thank you for your encouraging words. I like "for them the season is enough". ~Cam

I Am From - This is so deeply excellent! "I am from running away". Yes. ~Jan

I'll Never Know Everything About You - Wow...I love this... I wish I could turn back time sometimes.... Thank you! ~Priscilla

I'm From – LOVE it!! ~Cinda

My Middle Name is Empathy - Thank you for speaking to a problem so many of us have; open too wide, giving too much, shamed if we set boundaries. At least, that is what the poem has me thinking of. ~Cam

Overnight - It took me a minute to think of grass, I like it tho', the image of of grass as women in motion. ~Cam

Semi-Precious - This reminds me deeply of the grief I felt when my partner died. And the celebration of connection, the longing, you put it so beautifully. I did feel squeamish about the words pinpricks and eyelids together. ~Cam

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